A worker who became disabled while on duty in the UAE got justice

A worker who became disabled while on duty in the UAE got justice. The UAE has the best labor laws in place, aimed at protecting workers from exploitation and ensuring the safety of their lives while on duty. If there is any shortcoming in the implementation of safety laws by a company, the UAE imposes a hefty fine for this negligence. In Abu Dhabi, a worker has received justice for being injured and slightly disabled while on duty.
The court found the worker’s company guilty and ordered him to pay damages. According to details, the foreign worker had filed a case against the company for 4 million dirhams in damages. The worker said that his company had not made the necessary arrangements for the safety of the workers on the site due to which he has become disabled due to the accident.The accident happened when something heavy fell on his head at the construction site.

As a result, he has suffered a great deal of physical and mental trauma. He was treated for several weeks and has a minor disability. The company and the site engineer are responsible for the accident, which led to negligence on the part of the workers. His statement falls under the category of minister against labor laws.The insurance company also paid the plaintiff’s company for the accident.

However, the insurance company apologized for paying the plaintiff more than a certain amount of damages and said that it was not its responsibility. The insurance company was of the view that it had paid the maximum amount to the contracting company for the accident on which the contract was agreed.

The court ordered the contracting company to pay half of the 1.6 million dirhams while the insurance company would be obliged to pay the other half. In this regard, both the contracting company and the insurance company will have to pay eight, eight lakh dirhams. This amount of damages is worth more than six and a half crore rupees in Pakistani currency.

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