Only 7 minutes of stupidity wiped out the savings of the Emirati youth

Only 7 minutes of stupidity wiped out the savings of the Emirati youth. Banking and online fraud are on the rise in the United Arab Emirates. In another similar fraud in the United Arab Emirates, a young UAE man lost his large savings. A call of just seven minutes has given him the biggest betrayal of life after which he has been holding hands and regretting. Rashid, an Emirati national, told police that he received a call in which the other man identified himself as an employee of his bank

The person said that the data of all the customers is being updated by the bank, for this purpose its data is also required. At first, the Emirati youth thought the man was a fraud. According to the Daily Gulf Urdu, the man warned him that if he did not update his data, his account would be closed, for which he was fully responsible. Will be.
He is speaking on behalf of the bank.

Rashid believed him and gave him some of his personal data but at the same time the fraudster asked him for a password. Rashid thought that this person was really a cheater. When he refused to provide the password, the man again warned that if he did not provide the password, the verification process would stop and his account would be blocked. This password is being requested because a new password will be provided in place of the old one to protect the account from fraudsters.

Eventually, Rashid believed him and provided the password. About an hour later, he received a message from the bank that all the money in his account had been withdrawn. Rashid read the message, shook his head and immediately called the bank. But by then it was too late. Fraud showed his work. Now Rashid realized that he had indeed become a victim of fraud. Emirati authorities have warned many times that no one should provide their banking information to any stranger, no bank asks for a password from any of its customers.

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