Top 6 Best Money Making Apps In India 2024

There is No Investment Necessary to Make Money From Mobile in India in 2024, as We Now Know. More and more individuals are finding that they may make extra money by using software on their smartphones. In India, you may find a multitude of money-making apps that might potentially provide regular income for you. To start making some additional money, familiarize yourself with the various earning applications in India and how they work. Then, choose the one that works best for you. If you are interested in learning more about how to increase your income, we have compiled a list of genuine Indian apps that might be of assistance.

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A Wide Range of Profitable Apps You may earn money by watching movies, doing surveys, or shopping online using task-based software, which is one of the most popular types of apps for generating money. You may win real money just by playing games on these apps. Shop online using a cashback app and get points or cash back on certain of your purchases.

Referral apps allow you to earn money just by getting your friends and family to download them. A commission will be yours for the taking if a new member signs up using your referral link. Using these apps, people may look for freelance work in many different fields, such as marketing, design, programming, writing, and more.

6 Top Indian Apps for Making Money in 2024

So Delicately In this article, we will go over the top 5 free money-making apps in India. Made it easy to earn daily from your cellphone.


Making money online has never been easier than with EarnKaro. Its exceptional earning potential has helped many students, stay-at-home parents, and part-timers over the years. The best thing is that you may join EarnKaro with zero upfront commitment. Looking through bargains on popular brands and then sharing what you discover with your loved ones is a fantastic way to test out the app. This is a great place to promote well-known brands like Adidas, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, and many more. You will earn a commission on any sales made by customers who click on your affiliate links.

  1. You may get the EarnKaro app on the Google Play Store.
  2. Either your phone number or email address will suffice for registration.
  3. If you want to promote a product, you may create a unique link or share a deal.
  4. Promote your affiliate link by making sure it is easily accessible.
  5. Profits starting from ₹10 may be withdrawn at this time. It is possible for you to make ₹30,000 to ₹50,000 every month.

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When users perform simple tasks, they may earn cash with TaskBucks. Excellent, no-cost program for generating income. Only the Play Store has this app. Only users with an Android device may use this program. It is now unavailable to iOS users. The most appealing aspect of the program is the referral system, which allows users to earn 70 rupees daily just for introducing others. When referrals are linked, bonuses may be boosted even more. The software will give you money if you complete certain simple tasks.

  1. Through the recommendation program, one may earn ₹20 for every successful suggestion.
  2. You may earn anything from 5 to 20 rupees for every program that is downloaded.
  3. For filling out feedback forms, one may get a prize between ₹10 and ₹50.
  4. Have Fun While Playing Games: Some people even earn a living from gaming. Participate in daily contests to increase your earnings potential.


Earn cash or gift cards with Swagbucks by reading fresh content, doing surveys, shopping at your favorite companies, and even sharing your grocery receipts. People all around the world utilize this famous program to generate money online. Every day, more than 10,000 gift cards are redeemed. You may win a $10 bonus just for downloading the app.

  1. Simply download the app and log in to get 100 SB. If you join up for the Morning Brew daily newsletter and open the first two emails, you will get 65 SB.
  2. Win 25 SB by participating in the “Luck is On Your Side” game. To get 30 SB, join Exxon Mobile Rewards+.
  3. Ten SB will be yours for the adding of each item to the list. The SwagButton Chrome extension may be installed to get 25 SB.
  4. After you get your free credit report from SoFi, you may begin earning 1,000 SB. Redeem 5 SB at no cost by completing 5 surveys.
  5. Discover fascinating new products and services while earning prizes between 2 SB and 10,000 SB. Get 15 SB every day for a week by redeeming a Swag Code.
  6. Twenty SB (140 SB each week) are provided via ten sets of short questions.

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Additionally, you are able to add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to your wallet by using Cointiply. It is necessary to complete daily surveys, play entertaining games, view movies and pay-per-click advertisements, and engage in conversation with other people in order to get cryptocurrency. In the future, you will be able to turn it into a wallet for Bitcoin, Doge, LTC, or Dash. Additionally, you have the opportunity to get loyalty incentives that are up to twice as much as the awards. The number of bonus days, currency boosters, and freebies that occur often is likewise high.

  1. Earn between one dollar and five dollars for each survey you complete online.
  2. Use Bitcoin, DOGE, Dash, or LTC to buy in-game items.
  3. To maximize your loyalty benefit, log in every day and it will grow by 100%.
  4. Once you achieve 35,000 Coins, you will earn 5% interest on your balance.
  5. Earn reward points by completing activities and leveling up. These points may be swapped for actual rewards.
  6. To boost your Coin balance, play the one-of-a-kind multiplier game with a sci-fi theme.
  7. Split the profits on your referrals’ faucet claims and offers at 25% and 10%, respectively.

Roz Dhan

Making money with the Roz Dhan app is quite easy. In other words, if you check your horoscope, read the news, solve puzzles, and visit websites every day, you will earn money. Another choice is to play games for free with the chance to win prizes. Everyone will get fifty rupees when they register. After doing the ‘promised quick cash tasks,’ you will be able to withdraw ₹300 within two days.

  1. You may download apps and earn money with Roz Dhan’s offerwalls and deals.
  2. You may win real money just by checking your Daily Horoscope. You may win cash by playing games and doing surveys on the Roz Dhan app.
  3. Making money every day by walking and burning calories for cash rewards.
  4. Completing Prime offerings, Instant Withdraw Tasks, and High Earning Tasks will increase your earnings.
  5. Users may earn money only by viewing videos on Roz Dhan. If you invite your friends and family, you may make money every single day.


You can buy online without breaking the bank on Meesho, one of the finest money-making applications. We provide stylish, high-quality lifestyle goods at the lowest wholesale costs.

If you want to make money selling Meesho products, you should consider becoming a reseller and reaching out to people you already know online. Meesho stands apart from its competitors because of this. The fact that you can launch an online business with zero initial investment is a major perk. This distinctive quality distinguishes Meesho from its rivals and paves the way for future commercial success.

  1. Clothing, accessories, home décor, and more are just a few examples of the many products, categories, and brands offered to consumers.
  2. You may get your money back quickly, plus there are other perks like free shipping and cash on delivery.
  3. Consequently, it empowers female entrepreneurs, helps them establish their professional identities, and provides them with a means of financial support.
  4. Drawbacks of Be very competitive with other resellers while keeping your profit margin minimal.
  5. There have been issues with the quality or delivery of some commodities or providers.


Making a living need not be a chore, to put it bluntly. These apps make it possible for you to do things you like, like play games for money, listen to music, or help other people shop. If you own an Android or iOS smartphone, you can start generating money immediately.

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