Unofficial weather forecasters in Saudi Arabia will be severely punished

Unofficial weather forecasters in Saudi Arabia will be severely punished. Any ordinary citizen, immigrant or private entity in Saudi Arabia will face punishment for making weather forecasts. According to the details, the Saudi National Meteorological Center has warned those violating the ban on unofficial weather forecasting that they could face imprisonment and heavy fines. According to Urdu News, the country’s Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution has announced that the new regulations will make it illegal for any individual or organization outside the national meteorological to forecast weather and climate conditions.

Unofficial weather forecasters in Saudi Arabia will be severely punished

Violators could face up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of 2 million riyals. In a tweet, the bureau said: “Autonomous meteorological services are prohibited from providing information on weather activities, products and information related to national security, and what is relevant in this regard is limited to the Meteorological Center.” Hussein al-Qahtani, a spokesman for the National Center, said the ban would take effect in six months.

He pointed out that scrutiny of the country’s meteorological system has been required for a long time as it lacks an integrated framework. “This is an operational and legislative system that provides more space for the meteorological department to develop the work that is needed to protect people’s lives and property,” Hussein al-Qahtan noted. The new rules prohibit any unauthorized person from forecasting or issuing warnings about weather and climate conditions, and according to the program, which is currently taking place in other sectors across the state. The goal is to prevent misrepresentations in the pursuit of financial gain.

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