United Arab Emirates (UAE) vs Thailand Prediction H2H Preview

United Arab Emirates (UAE) vs Thailand Match preview

Forecast This meeting for the UAE-Thailand is scheduled for June 7, 2021. We will analyze the performance of the teams in the World Cup qualifying round and select the best parameters for this match.

In Group G, four teams qualify for the next round at once. Only Indonesia is left behind in despair. The UAE benefits from Thailand in the form of a game in reserve.

H2H Stats Review Result


In the last five years, the teams have played four matches. In this category, they each won one, and two more matches ended in a draw. In the first round of the current selection, three points went to Thailand – 2: 1.It is noteworthy that in each of the four matches, both sides managed to separate themselves.

Review United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE played five matches in the current tournament, winning three. One of them happened recently. Thus, the national team won the second round against Malaysia with a score of 4: 0, this victory not only defeated our defeated rival, but also defeated Thailand in the Group G table. The UAE are in excellent condition, which was demonstrated in a friendly match against Jordan in May – 5: 1.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Thailand Prediction


Thailand’s victory over the UAE in the first round was the last. Since then, the team has struggled with failure after failure, and losing points in the final round will certainly cost it dearly. The hosts played a great game recently and are ready to continue winning. In our opinion, the UAE will win the next match.

Review Thailand

In the current qualifying round, Thailand lost only to Malaysia – 1: 2. However, a few days ago, he lost important points in the fight with the group’s outskirts – Indonesia. In addition, the team advanced twice during the match, but it allowed the opponent to score first in the tournament. : 1 and peaceful secession from Tajikistan – 2: 2.

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