Nepal vs Jordan Prediction H2H Preview

Nepal vs Jordan Match preview

Strong predictions about Nepal-Jordan, meeting to be held on June 7. Let’s try to analyze the conflict and decide on the condition.

The second round of World Cup qualifiers will be between Nepal and Jordan at the Kuwait International Stadium.

H2H Stats Preview Result


In the last five years, national teams have met only once. The match was held within the second round of qualifying for the World Cup in 2019, and ended with a 3: 0 victory for the Jordanian team with all the goals scored in the second half.

Nepal Review

The Nepalese team almost lost the chance to compete in the second round of qualifiers, as the men scored only six points after six performances. Al-Mutairi’s goalkeeper is not able to make an offensive ball, and the defense is a complete mess. In six matches, the team scored 16 goals and scored four runs. The team only managed to beat the Taiwanese national team, and is one of the clear unders of Group B.

Nepal Jordan Prediction


According to bookmakers’ predictions, the clear contender for victory is the Jordanian national team. Nepal will try to take revenge and prevent the rival from reaching the third stage. Jordan has already beaten the opponent in the round and is definitely not going to lose in the current match. We believe that the Borkel Main Brigade will win by a landslide with a margin of 2.5.

Review Jordan

Jordan’s national team is also second in the standings and if it has a positive result, it will be on it. Borkelman’s men are good defensively and only allow their opponents to hit their target twice. Also, the players do a good job of preparing for the attacks and have already scored ten goals. In May, the national team played two Test matches, but the result was unsatisfactory (1: 5 with the UAE and 1: 1 with Vietnam).

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