Unfortunately lg ims has stopped fix in 1 Minute 2022

LG IMS is no longer supported. or Unfortunately lg ims has stopped how to fix In addition to checking for software upgrades, changing message settings and deleting or clearing the cache are some of the other options for solving this 2022 problem. A corrupted cache or problems with internet connectivity caused by mobile data or WiFi may be to blame for this issue.

What is LG IMS

A technical framework called LG IMS or IP Multimedia Subsystem allows for the delivery of VoIP, Wi-Fi calling, and multimedia services like as video calling and Internet messaging via an IP network.

LG IMS has a few issues, according to users. There is nothing more aggravating than the “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped” error notice that occurs at any time. LG IMS has the potential to cause battery depletion, automated location activation, and excessive mobile data use. You may read about all of them in detail in the following paragraphs.

Unfortunately lg ims has stopped fix in 1 Minute

We’re out of luck with LG IMS, regrettably. “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” is a regular error message on LG devices such the G series, stylo, and wing. Whenever you’re doing anything critical, you’ll get this message.

Unfortunately lg ims has stopped fix step by step 202

Here below Some Great Ways to Fixthis error if you know How to fix ims service keeps stopping or lg ims keeps stopping 2022 error


Some customers have complained that the LG IMS causes their batteries to run down. Battery life is quickly diminished while using LG IMS features such as VoLTE and WiFi calling. Users complain that the system application com.lge.ims is wasting their power since it is one of the top five most power-hungry programmes on their devices.

Auto-on location

When you start a continuous WiFi conversation using LG IMS, the location services on your smartphone are turned on immediately. This issue persists regardless of the wireless provider, operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), or manufacturer of your smartphone (LG, Samsung, etc.)

When you dial 911 from your smartphone, the dispatchers won’t be able to get an accurate position from it if the Android Emergency Position Service is turned off or isn’t accessible. It’s possible that your carrier may disclose your location.

Data use

Your bandwidth may be rapidly depleted if you make heavy use of VoLTE and WiFi calling in addition to LG IMS, which does not demand a significant amount of mobile data on its own.
When both are running in the background, calls made via VoLTE and WiFi use more bandwidth than calls made using com.lge.ims. If you restrict them, your mobile data will survive for a longer period of time.

Uninstall New Apps

The LG IMS error notification is often the result of a newly installed or updated application on your device. To check for newly-installed or updated programmes, go to the Settings > Applications menu option.

After determining which piece of software is responsible for the issue, the offending programme should be uninstalled.

Disable the LG IMS

VoLTE and WiFi calling capabilities are brought to your phone through the LG IMS. VoLTE and WiFi Calling will stop functioning if the IMS service is deactivated. If none of the previous approaches are successful, try your luck with this one. The steps of deactivating LG IMS are outlined here.

You may access the Hidden menu by entering the following code: 277634#*#.
Choose the “Field test” option when presented with the options.
Tap on the menu option that is labelled Modem Settings to choose it.
Tap the option that corresponds with whether you want to switch VoLTE on or off.
Disable IMS, Restart your mobile device.

Clear com.lge.ims App Cache

It’s conceivable that the app cache on your smartphone has been corrupted, which is why you’re getting this warning. If that’s the case, try clearing the cache and seeing if that helps. You may be able to fix this problem by clearing the cache that is associated with the com.lge.ims application.

Navigate to the option labelled Settings.
Make your selection from the Apps menu.
You should notice a symbol that looks like three vertical dots if you look in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you touch it.
choose the option to Show System Applications.
You should look for the com.lge.ims protocol and then interact with it once you locate it.
Select the option for Storage from the menu.
Tap the “Clear Cache” button on the screen with your finger to choose it.

Change your IP

If the IP version that is currently being used by your device is IPV6V4, then you will need to go to the Hidden menu in order to change it to IPV4V6. This may be done by following the instructions in the previous sentence.

When you try to adopt this method, the message “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” may display. To prevent this from happening, activate the “Airplane Mode” (or “Flight mode”) option on your smartphone.
To enter the Hidden menu on your keypad, dial the following combination: 277634#*#.
Find the item on the list that is titled “IP Version,” and then tap on it when you have located it.
Adjust the IP Version option so that it reads “IPV4V6” rather than “IPV6V4”. This marks the fourth phase in the process.
Disable Airplane Mode. After you have completed these steps, the error message that was appearing on your smartphone should go.

Reset Factory Your Phone

Your phone’s data will be deleted, and it will be restored to its initial state when you do a Factory Reset. If the previous steps are unable to fix the error message, resetting the device to factory settings should solve the issue. Ensure that your data is backed up to Google Drive before you restart your smartphone. After you’ve backed up your data, go ahead and reset your Android device to factory settings.

Navigate to the option labelled Settings.
In the second step, choose the General menu item by tapping on it. Click the Reset button.
Choose the option that allows you to reset the factory settings using your finger.
After you have tapped the “Reset” button, you may be requested at this point to enter your PIN or password.
Tap the “Delete everything” or “Wipe Data” button on your phone in order to finish the factory reset process.

Custom ROM

By flashing the device’s stock operating system (ROM), you should be able to get rid of this error warning (also known as the stock firmware). Because it is a challenging process, you should not turn to it until all of your other alternatives have been exhausted and you are left with no other choice.

You can also install a Custom ROM on your smartphone; however, if you ask me, the best choice is to use the Stock ROM because it is the software that was built by the company that made your device and it will not cause you any problems. You can flash a Custom ROM onto your smartphone by using a computer programme called a flashing tool.

Uninstall Recently Updated

There is a possibility that the LG IMS dialogue may show up at inopportune moments when updates or new programmes have been installed. You can see all of the programmes that have been installed by going into the settings. Here, you can also check to see if any of the applications have been updated or installed more recently. When it is done, there should be no more instances of the message issue.

Change the IP Location

Dial 277634#*# on your keypad to access the hidden menu. Locate the option labelled “IP Version,” then press it.
Choose “IPV4V6” rather than the more complicated “IPV6V4”. You are able to engage flight mode as soon as you are through with the choices available via the hidden menu; however, you will need to deactivate it if the notice “Unfortunately LG IMS has ceased” continues to show.

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