Lg ims keeps stopping How to fix Easily 2022

Today We Know Lg ims keeps stopping How to fix Easily step by step if you face this error Unfortunately lg ims has stopped this is very simple to fix it. lg ims keeps stopping 2022 with varios ways carefully read full article for better understanding.

Lg ims keeps stopping How to fix Easily 2022

Unfortunately lg ims has stopped fix Lot of solutions to fix this 2022 like Check for software updates, Change message settings, Delete or clear cache, Change the IP version or Disable LG IMS below are More Detail to solve this Problem. This problem may be traced back to a faulty cache or troubles with internet connectivity brought on by mobile data or WiFi.

User feedback indicates that LG IMS has certain issues. The most aggravating issue is the “Unfortunately, LG IMS Has Stopped” error message that displays at random. LG IMS has the ability to drain batteries, activate locations automatically, and utilise a lot of mobile data. In the following lines, I go into great detail on each of the challenges.

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We’re out of luck with LG IMS, regrettably. “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” is a regular error message on LG devices such the G series, stylo, and wing. As soon as you’re doing anything important, this notice will pop up.

Unfortunately lg ims has stopped fix 2022

if you face this type of error try below possible solution if you show Unfortunately lg ims has stopped and how to fix try below steps


Some customers have complained that the LG IMS causes their batteries to run down. Battery life is quickly diminished while using LG IMS features such as VoLTE and WiFi calling. Users complain that the system application com.lge.ims is wasting their power since it is one of the top five most power-hungry programmes on their devices.

location of auto-on and off

When you start a continuous WiFi conversation using LG IMS, the location services on your smartphone are turned on immediately. This issue persists regardless of the wireless provider, operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), or manufacturer of your smartphone (LG, Samsung, etc.)

Lg ims keeps stopping How to fix Easily

When you dial 911 from your smartphone, the dispatchers won’t be able to get an accurate position from it if the Android Emergency Position Service is turned off or isn’t accessible. It’s possible that your carrier may disclose your location.

Data usage

Your bandwidth may be rapidly depleted if you make heavy use of VoLTE and WiFi calling in addition to LG IMS, which does not demand a significant amount of mobile data on its own.
When both are running in the background, calls made via VoLTE and WiFi use more bandwidth than calls made using com.lge.ims. If you restrict them, your mobile data will survive for a longer period of time.

Remove Recent App Updates

The LG IMS error notification is often the result of a newly installed or updated application on your device. To check for newly-installed or updated programmes, go to the Settings > Applications menu option.

After determining which piece of software is responsible for the issue, the offending programme should be uninstalled.

Put an end to the LG IMS.

VoLTE and WiFi calling are both made possible on your phone via the LG IMS. VoLTE and WiFi Calling will stop functioning if the IMS service is deactivated. If none of the previous approaches are successful, try your luck with this one. The steps of deactivating LG IMS are outlined here.

You may access the Hidden menu by entering the following code: 277634#*#.
Choose the “Field test” option when presented with the options.
Tap on the menu option that is labelled Modem Settings to choose it.
Tap the option that corresponds with whether you want to switch VoLTE on or off.
Disable IMS, Restart your mobile device.

what is lg ims keeps stopping

LG IMS isn’t supposed to function. VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling are inaccessible if LG IMS, a critical framework, is disabled. To turn it off if none of the other options work, follow the instructions below. A fifth option is available if you don’t want to do this.

To access the hidden menu, enter 277634#*# into your phone’s keypad. Go to the Modem settings and choose “Field test” from the drop-down menu. After you’ve turned off IMS, give your phone a fresh start.

LG ims keeps stopping how to fix 2022

Get Rid of Cache from com.lge.ims App

You may be getting this message because your device’s app cache has been corrupted. The com.lge.ims app’s cache may be cleared to address this problem.

Take a look at the Settings page.
Take a look at the Apps section.
You’ll see a symbol that looks like three vertical dots in the upper right corner. On it to tap.
choose Show System Apps from the Apps menu.
When you discover com.lge.ims, do a quick search and tap on it.
Click on “Storage”
With a touch of your finger, choose the “Clear Cache” button.

Obtain a new IP address.

To change your device’s IP version from IPV6V4 to IPV4V6, go to the Hidden menu and choose IPV4V6.

Turn on your smartphone’s “Airplane Mode” (or “Flight mode”) option to avoid the “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” message from showing when you execute this workaround.
To go to the Secret menu, just enter in 277634#*# on your keypad.
Touch the “IP Version” option when you see it in the list.
Change “IPV6V4” to “IPV4V6” in the IP Version setting. This is the last phase.
Disable the Airplane Mode. The trouble alert on your smartphone should vanish once you’ve completed the steps outlined above.

Perform a Factory Data Reset on Your Phone

Resetting your phone to its factory settings removes all of your personal data and restores it to its original state. Factory reset should fix the issue if none of the other solutions work for you first. Google Drive is a great place to preserve your data before you restart your phone. Perform a factory reset on your Android smartphone once you’ve backed it up.

Take a look at the Settings page.
Next, choose the General option from the drop-down menu. To start again, use the Reset button.
With your finger, choose the Factory Data Reset option.
Following a touch on the “Reset” button, you may be asked to enter a PIN code or password.
Tap on the Delete all or Wipe Data option to finish the phone reset.

Installing a Personal Computer’s Own ROM

Flashing the factory ROM will remove this error message (also known as the stock firmware). This is a difficult treatment, and should only be used after all other alternatives have failed.

You may also install a Custom ROM on your smartphone, but I believe that using the Stock ROM is the best choice since it is the software that was developed by the business that produced your device and will not cause you any difficulties.

lg ims keeps stopping 2022

Uninstall Refreshed in the Recent Past

It’s possible that the LG IMS dialogue will display at any moment after you’ve installed new software or upgrades. You may check to see whether any programmes have been updated or installed more recently under the settings, where you can view all of the ones that have been installed. Hopefully, the error notice will no longer appear after the work is complete.

Change the Internet Protocol Version.

Dial 277634#*# to get access to the hidden menu. “IP Version” should be found and touched.
Rather of “IPV6V4”, use “IPV4V6.” If the warning “Unfortunately LG IMS has ceased” continues to show after you’ve completed the hidden menu selections, you may activate flight mode and then cancel it.

How to fix lg ims has stopped

Several LG products, including the G series, Stylo, and LG wing, may be affected by the LG IMS messaging problem that has yet to be resolved. In any case, your smartphone is rendered unusable because of the frequent appearance and persistent presence of this annoyance. It’s possible that it’ll be a major annoyance. We don’t know why the LG IMS is malfunctioning, but we do know how to fix it if it happens again in the future.. So that we may discover a solution, please go to the following section.

How to fix ims service keeps stopping

Find and choose the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the display screen in the Default messaging software.

After selecting your choice from the drop-down menu marked “Settings,” click the “Chose chat settings” button.

To disable rich communications, go to the “Rich Communications Settings” menu and uncheck the “Rich Communications” option.

If the problem persists after turning the phone off and on again, you may want to give it a go.

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