Check UAE Visa Status Online in 1 Minutes

UAE Visa Status check is most necessary in UAE.UAE’s popularity is growing every day. Millions of people from all over the world come to Dubai. In addition to your visa and passport, you need a lot of other documents to come to Dubai. Any Dubai visa, whether it’s a 30-day or a one-year Visa etc. All you have to do is return to the country of origin before the visa expires.

If you do not return after a certain period, your visa will be canceled and you will never be able to return to Dubai. That is why it is very important to know the status of the visa. If you want to live and work longer, you must renew your visa. To Check UAE Visa Status Online is Most Important

If you are also having trouble finding out about your visa, its expiration date, and its full status, then today we have found a way for you to get online very quickly. You will soon be able to find out the status of your visa with your passport And Entry permit Number. You can also check Your status with the file Number in this Method

Check UAE visa status Online is very easy.No Need to Sign in, just follow these simple step you will be able to find out your visa status

How to Check UAE Visa Status With Passport Number?

This is the very easiest way to check visa status. In this method, you Check  Dubai Visa Status with your passport number and the expiry date of your passport. The passport number and expiry date of the passport are good enough to use this service. Either To Check a Residency Visa or another type of Visa Method is the same.

Any type of Visa Like Employment visa & tourist visa and Business Visa etc process is the Same as Check status. Just you have a Passport Number or File Number to check detail online

Check UAE Visa Status Online

1. First Go to The official website of UAE Click here

2. Usually, a website is open in English if you check in Arabic change language


3. On Website Homapage Many Options, Click On Public Service

4. At the End You will see the file Validity Option Click On File validity

5. In search By Chose Passport Information. if you want to check UAE visa Status with Passport Number.


6. Choose a Visa or Residency its same procedure because you should know about your visa status

7. Enter your passport number and expiry date of your passport

8. Choose your nationality. You will see a drop-down menu. Click on please select it will show a list of different nationalities. You can click on nationality .it will be filled in a number automatically. Once you have click on your nationality.

9. Click I am not a robot and click on search.

10. That’s all Now system will show the status of your UAE visa status with passport number

The UAE file status show here Active means your Visa is present. Also expiry date mention here. If You do not renew your visa before expiry, Then the status will show your Visa is canceled.

UAE Visa Extention

Uae visa Extention Mean your Visa visa extend or not. file expiry date will be shown when you check Your visa status. IF The Current expiry Date is different from The Previous Expiry date, Mean Your visa Extend. If there is no difference in the expiry date of the visa and the previous date is written, it means that your visa has not been extended.

How to check UAE visa status with entry permit number?

You can know about your visa status with the entry permit is a very easy and quick method. If you cannot know about your entry permit number you check UAE visa print .on this print permit number clearly is written. Follow these steps to check the visa status.

UAE Visa Status Enquiry

1. First open UAE visa official website.

2. Now click on select service and choose entry permit validity

3. Then a new file will be open you enter your entry permit number

4. Now enter your first name, gender, date of birth, nationality, enter the captcha code, and click submit

5. Now the system will check your visa status and the result will be shown. It will let you know your visa validity or expiry date.

How To Check UAE Visit Visa Status Online?

Dubai Government Offers Lot Of Visit visa with Different Durations. like 48 Hours visa, 96 hours visa, 14 days visa, 30 days visa,90 days visit visa and 1-year visa, etc. Dubai government rules are getting tougher now. If you make even the slightest mistake, your visa will be canceled and you will be expelled from Dubai.

One of these mistakes is not knowing the expiration date of your visit visa. The expiry date of your visa If you do not know and your visa expires then you will be canceled and you will never be able to come to Dubai again. In addition, heavy fines can come.

Dubai Visit Visa Can Be Checked with Passport Number or File Number or With Entry Permit Number. If you have any of these three documents, you can find out your status online.

Procedure to Check Dubai Visit Visa Status

1. Visit UAE Official website Click here

2. Click On Public Service from Top Menu and in the last Click On File Validity

3. Now select here Passport Number in search by

4. In Select type chose Visa

5. Now Enter Your Passport Number and Visit Visa Expiry Date

6. Chose Your Nationality and Fill the Captcha Code then Press Search Button



Now final Your Visit Visa validity Status show. includes your Visa Expiry date, file Number, Your Visa Status, and Visa Issuance date.

How to Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status Online?

It’s very important to Check UAE visa is Cancel or Active. For any reason, sometimes Your Company or Sponsor Cancel Your Dubai Visa and create a big problem for you. There are many reasons for this, such as when you return to your country on vacation and spend a lot of time and do not join the company, the company cause you to cancel.

It’s very easy To Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status with Your passport Number & Passport Expiry date from the ICA Smart Service Website. Here is a Complete procedure to Know Dubai Visa Cancel or Not Cancel.

Check UAE Visa Cancellation Status

1. First Go to The ICA website click here

2. Change the Language English from Top Corner

3. Select Public Service From Top Menue

4. A lot of Services Option will be open

5. Scroll Down and Click On File Validity

 6. Select  Passport Number in search by Option

 7. In Select type chose Visa or residency its depend on Your Visa Type

8. Enter Your Passport Number & Visa Expiry Date

9. Chose Nationality & Fill the Captcha And Press Search Option

Your Visa status will be shown If your visa is not Canceled, it will be written that your visa is active and you can return to Dubai.


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