Qatar Airways has increased the number of flights to Pakistan

Qatar Airways has boosted the number of its flights to Pakistan. The Gulf Airlines would operate more than 60 weekly flights from 5 Pakistani locations.

Qatar Airways has boosted the frequency of its flights to Pakistan, with the Gulf carrier operating more than 60 weekly flights from five Pakistani cities. According to reports, Qatar Airways, an airline of the Gulf state of Qatar, has issued a special statement for the comfort of Pakistani and other customers going worldwide.

Qatar Airways has dramatically boosted the number of weekly flights for travellers flying from Pakistan overseas. According to media sources, effective January 1, 2022, Qatar Airways would operate 63 international flights between Pakistan and Doha. Gulf Airlines has planned to start foreign flights from 5 locations of Pakistan, majority of the flights would be operated from Lahore Airport.

According to the facts given in this respect, beginning January 1, 2022, Qatar Airways would fly 17 weekly flights from Lahore, 18 from Islamabad, 14 from Karachi and 7, 7 from Sialkot and Peshawar. Qatar Airways has also pledged to allow access to Pakistanis to other nations of the globe. It should be remembered that after enduring the biggest crisis for about 2 years owing to the Corona virus crisis, presently all the airlines in the globe are working to restore their regular operations.

The airlines are seeking to execute different methods to mitigate the losses experienced during the Corona crisis. According to analysts, despite all efforts, most of the world’s airlines still require a long time to recover to their pre-Corona position.

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