It’s the first rally for female drivers in Saudi history.

Women drivers will be able to participate in a rally for the first time in Saudi history, according to the announcement.The 900-kilometer-long “Rally Jamil” will take place between March 17 and March 19. The number of female drivers who will be able to participate in the rally will be restricted to 20. There will be one female driver on each squad, as well as one female helper.

A rally for female drivers has been organised in Saudi Arabia, marking the first time such an event has been announced. In accordance with Arab News, the first rally of its sort in Saudi Arabia will begin in Hail and conclude in Riyadh, where drivers will have to traverse a distance of 900 kilometres in a three-day rally, during which the rally will pass through the province of Qasim, according to the publication. The number of female drivers who will be allowed to participate in the rally will be restricted to 20; these drivers will be chosen by the organising committee. There will be one female driver on each squad, as well as one female helper. Registration for the event will open on December 27, 2021, and will close on December 31, 2021.

According to reports, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Development and Diversification Program for Women’s Empowerment, which was recently announced by Abdul Latif, Toyota’s authorised distributor in Saudi Arabia, will be the inspiration for the country’s first navigation rally for women drivers, which will take place in April this year. At the unveiling event, Prince Khalid was also in attendance as a guest of honour.

“We are pleased to announce the inauguration of Rally Jamil today, which will establish new benchmarks for women’s motorsports in the nation,” said Munir Khoja, Managing Director of Marketing Communications Company. During the leadership of its Chairman, Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Abdullah Al Faisal, I have been in the forefront of supporting and embracing many of the significant motorsports events that have taken place across the world. And we should expect to see much more rallies in the next years as well.

We want to accomplish our high national objectives by conducting the rally, which will attract motor sports lovers from all over the globe to the cities that will be hosting the event, he added. “Our aim in organising the rally is to achieve our lofty national objectives,” he said. This is an excellent chance for them to get acquainted with the cultural and artistic activities of the kingdoms. In a statement, Abdullah Bukshab, a former Saudi Rally driver and the official organiser of Rally Jamil, stated, “We are delighted to work with Abdul Latif Jamil Motors on all technical elements of the rally.”

Through such activities, we want to encourage our residents to participate in such events and bring them into the community.” “We would want to see more female racing in Saudi Arabia,” Prince Khalid expressed his desire to see more female racing. “I believe this is an interesting race and a good test for women,” said Dania Aqeel, a Saudi driver who recently won the FIA World Cup T3 category for cross-country bajas at the event. This is a fantastic event for

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