PF Balance Check Without UAN Number 2021

PF Means Provident fund is another name is a pension fund.PF Balance Check without UAN we share with you the best method. its purpose is to provide employees with lumps and sum payment at the time of exit from their place of employment. This differs from the pension fund, which has elements of both a lump sum as well as a monthly pension payment. Recommended: Jio Balance Check By New Code

The primary purpose of the pf fund is to help employees save as a fraction of their salary. Every month employers and employees both contribute 12% of wages to the contribution  account

How To Check PF Balance Online?

The government has made it easy for us to check the PF balance online. we check pf balance in many ways. we check balance with UAN, without UAN, by missed call, by SMS, here we talk about all these . with this help you check your pf balance online easily. if you have an internal you check your balance with UAN or without UAN if you have not internet connection you check your balance by SMS  or MISSbell.

How to PF Balance Check with UAN?

UAN (universal account number ) to check your EPF account balance on EPFO. you must an active universal account. . after activating the UAN number, password or your UAN number will be shown on your mobile screen.  If you’ve activated your UAN  number every now and then, people can do it in six hours

Pf Balance Check with UAN

  • First Go to the website click here
  • First, open the Google Chrome browser to log in to your UAN number
  • here you enter epf and click to search
  • Click on KYC update member
  • on the next page click on member passbook service is available
  • next page enter the UAN number or password  and click on the login
  • here you choose your current id member and click on view passbook
  • with the help of this procedure, you show your pf balance

How To Check Pf Balance Without UAN Number?

  • if you have not UAN number you check your pf balance without a UAN number with the help of this method. so follow these steps to check your pf balance without your UAN number
  • your  register mobile number you have  given during pf account creation
  • give a miss call to 011,2290,1406
  • the call will be automatically disconnecting
  • you will get a text message from EPFO  containing your UAN, name date of birth Adahaar  number pan number bank detail available or not  last contribution, and total balance
  • this method helps you to check your pf balance

How To Check Pf Balance Through SMS?

  • if you have not an internal connection you check your pf balance with SMS   easily  follow these steps to check your pf balance with SMS
  • open your SMS box
  • type a message  EPFOHO UANENG and send on 7738299899
  • you give a piece of information about your pf balance

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