SBI CIF Number

CIF Number Mean, Customer Information File It’s a Unique Digital file In Which save Your personal and BanksmnAccount data. To Every Customer Banks issue a File In Which CIF Number saved. with the Help Of CIF Banks Easily Know Customer All Transaction Payment and loan and Others Detail In a few Minutes.

That is why (SBI) State bank of India provides a CIF number to its customers when they create an account. SBI’s mission is to provide the best and facilitated services to all its customers. Let’s make sure that there is no error in their account. That is why whenever a customer goes to the bank to get the information about his account, he asks him for the CIF number All the information displayed on the Computer Screen.

How To Find CIF Number Central Bank OF India Online?

There are many online and offline ways to know the CIF number of the Central Bank of India. And we will try to tell you in detail How to find out the CIF Number State Bank of India from your mobile. This is a very valuable and unique number. SBI does not print it on your card or any other paper because it is your secret number. Others try to find out online. Beware of CIF numbers.

Check CIF Number Through SBI Internet Banking

The Central Bank of India has also turned to internet banking. All the work that you used to do in person at the Central Bank of India. Can now be done at home through internet banking as you need to know your account details. Check all the records, All Your Transaction View the savings account details Divorce and also the SBI number from their mobile through the SBI website people find out the procedure.

SBI CIF Number

  • First Visit The SBI official website Click here
  • ChoseĀ  personal Banking and Click On Login
  • In The Next window, Press the Continue To Login Option
  • Enter Username and Password, Fill Captcha Code Press Ok
  • Chose My Account from Main Menu
  • press Account Summary Button and Then View Nomination Button show and Press
  • Your CIF number Will be Show

How To get CIF Number Through SMS?

The Second Method is to Find the CIF Number by SMS. You Can Check Your CIF Number By Requesting an e-statement By SMS. The Method is very helpful for those Clients who cannot Access Internet banking or Any Nearest Branch. Just Send Clear Message On Your Number Registered In Account to SBI Request for e-statement. e-statement. Receives e-statement In PDF formate open it your CIF Number Written On This Paper.

SBI Contact No To Find CIF Number



How To Find a CIF Number without Pass Book?

One of The easiest ways To Find Your CIF Number without Internet banking, without a pass Book, or Any Branches is SBI Anywhere Yono Like Mobile Application. Just you have a Your Account. If not Registered In Yono Lite App First registered and Easily Know All detail About Your SBI Account Includes CIF Number.

  • Download Yono Lite App from Play store
  • Login to Your Account
  • Chose services From Homepage
  • Click On Online Nomination Option
  • Below your CIF Number will be Shown

Here are some of the best and easiest ways to find out the CIF number that we have given you. You can find out from your mobile phone. CIF number can be found and you can also go to the bank and give your account number and also get information about CIF.

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