Pakistanis returning home from Saudi Arabia have been warned

Pakistanis returning home from Saudi Arabia have been warned. Saudi Arabia has warned Saudis and migrants leaving the country a few days ago that it will crack down on passengers who fail to submit jewelry or currency certificates worth 60,000 riyals or more at airports. Following this warning, arrests of those involved in the violation have now begun.
According to Urdu News, strict action has been taken against the passengers who are not showing currency or jewelery worth 60,000 riyals or more or are not filling up the declaration form. ۔ The passengers are being stopped while climbing the stairs of the plane and are being handed over to the public prosecution. The youths will be produced in the criminal court and prosecuted.
According to Saudi law, every passenger, male or female, is prohibited from carrying or carrying jewelery worth 60,000 riyals or more, or customs officers. Passengers who do not comply are suspected of money laundering. This is a serious offense for which the person concerned is detained and questioned.
The Public Prosecution said in a statement on Twitter to foreigners and Saudis traveling abroad, “If they are traveling from an airport or port to the border checkpoint or coming to Saudi Arabia from outside, they have a responsibility in both cases.” If they have 60,000 riyals or more or jewelery worth that much or more, submit an affidavit as they may be suspected of evading money laundering or tax evasion or possible fees if they bring more than that amount. happens.
According to the instructions of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Department, passengers are required to submit a declaration in case of exceeding the prescribed limit of six items. 60,000 riyals or more or any currency. Jewelry, gemstones and minerals. Goods in business quantity for which select tax is fixed. Prohibited items. Gifts and personal belongings worth more than three thousand riyals are included in the list of items. Registration will be online. Agreements can be submitted via smartphone or Saudi customs websites. Its number can be obtained from the customs authorities. The document must be attached to the proof of the above information when presenting the affidavit.

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