Saudi girl abducted in car

An attempt to abduct a young girl and her car in Saudi Arabia has been foiled. The incident took place in the Riyadh area, but the girl jumped out of a moving car to save her honor. Police have arrested two Saudi nationals involved in the incident. The video of the incident also went viral which can be seen. That the car is parked in a deserted place at night.

Saudi girl abducted in car
Suddenly a masked man passes by and sees a car parked alone and intends to steal. He first looks from left to right and is convinced that no one else is nearby. Then he goes to the car and peeks inside and sees a girl in a burqa who was probably sleeping at the time. The accused sits comfortably in the driver’s seat of the unlocked car and as soon as he reverses the car, the girl finds out that a stranger is sitting in the driver’s seat and driving the car to an unknown location. Wanted

The girl decided to get out of the moving car in a fit of rage and succeeded in her intention. The incident was immediately reported to the police. According to police, the accused driver had fled and hid in a secret hideout. However, police have arrested the accused and his accomplice. The other accused had assisted the main accused in carrying out the crime.
Riyadh police spokesman Khalid al-Kriti’s said police recovered the car stolen by the suspects and recovered it. Both the accused have been arrested on charges of theft and kidnapping of the girl. The accused have been handed over to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

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