Venezuela country in the world where petrol started selling at only Rs 3 per liter

There is additionally a country on the planet where petroleum is being sold at Rs 3 for every liter. As per the subtleties, the cost of oil in the oil-rich nation of Venezuela has arrived at the most reduced level throughout the entire existence of the country and now petroleum is being sold at Rs 3.16 per liter.

In Venezuela petrol started selling at only Rs 3 per liter

In the oil-rich country of Venezuela, the price of oil has reached the lowest level in the history of the country. Petrol is being sold at Rs 3.16 per liter. Recollect that Venezuela is probably the most extravagant country on the planet, yet because of debasement and regulatory issues, a huge piece of the country’s populace is compelled to live underneath the destitution line.

Like Pakistan, individuals here go to different nations for business. Yet, nature has favored this country with valuable abundance like oil. Also, an enormous piece of the country’s economy is comprised of oil incomes. The American magazine has distributed a report on petroleum costs, as per which the most costly petroleum on the planet is in Hong Kong where its cost is Rs 384 for each liter.

Then again, Pakistan’s neighbor Iran positions second in the rundown of nations giving the least expensive petroleum to its residents. Petroleum is sold here at Rs92.5 per liter. Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil maker, positions sixteenth on the rundown with a cost of Rs 81.96 per liter of petroleum. Russia, the world’s second-biggest oil maker, positions 26th with a cost of Rs 102.26 per liter.

As far as petroleum costs, on the off chance that we talk about Pakistan, Pakistan is at the 30th situation in this positioning, ie Pakistan is at the 30th situation among the nations that give modest oil-based goods to its residents. Then again, the US, the world’s biggest economy and superpower, which is additionally wealthy in oil, is selling petroleum at Rs 123.79 per liter, and the US is positioned 40th on the planet.

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