Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Prediction H2H Preview

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Match Preview

Bangladesh Afghanistan is predicted to play its seventh round match in Group E of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Asia on Thursday, June 3, 2021. What will be the end of the confrontation between the two teams who have lost an ideological opportunity to be out of the group.


Bangladesh Team Review

Bangladesh finished last in the group. After 5 rounds, the team has only 1 point. In principle, what a surprise – when you only score 2 goals in 5 matches, and get 13 goals, it’s hard to trust the set of points. In March, Bangladesh played 3 friendly matches – 1: 0, defeating Kyrgyzstan’s youth team, drawing 0: 0 with Nepal and 1: 2 against the same Nepal.

Afghanistan Team Review

Afghanistan cannot play much better than its next rival. After 5 rounds, they agreed on 4 points, 2 goal scores and 11 points. Recently (May 25 and 29), Afghanistan played two friendships. They won 3: 2 against Indonesia and 1: 1 against Singapore.


Bangladesh Afghanistan Today Prediction

We think the Afghan national team has a better chance of winning this match. The fact is that the tone of the game will play a decisive role. The Afghans played enough games a week and 7 days ago for their 100 physical rehabilitation, but without losing the tone of the game. But Bangladesh has been playing for more than two months and the team will need time to get into the game.


H2H Bangladesh vs Afghanistan

In the second round of the current qualifiers, the Afghan defeated his opponent by at least (1: 0). Will Bangladesh be able to retaliate at home?

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