In Kuwait, a foreigner threw 8,000 Kuwaiti dinars in the trash

unique incident has teakn place in Kuwait in which an Egyptian citizen accidentally threw 8,000 Kuwaiti dinars in the dustbin. The total value of which in Pakistani rupees is 41 lakh. According to the Kuwaiti media, when the Egyptian citizen who made this serious mistake returned, he lost consciousness.In Kuwait, a foreigner threw 8,000 Kuwaiti dinars in the trash


when he saw that all the rubbish in the bin had been emptied. When he found out, he was told that a municipal truck had arrived and taken away all the rubbish. According to local media, the incident took place in the Al-Jabriya area of ​​Kuwait, which has lost the life savings of an Egyptian citizen and he is currently in a state of severe shock, a mistake deprived him of a large amount of money.

After the incident, he went to the local police station and lodged a missing person report that he had mistakenly thrown a bag full of money into a roadside garbage can. When he realized his mistake, he arrived at the scene. It turned out that the municipal truck had emptied the trash. In proof of his claim, the citizen also showed the police a copy of a check for 8,000 Kuwaiti dinars, which he had cashed in from a bank. Police have launched an investigation to recover the missing Egyptian citizen’s money. However, the police are also investigating whether the claim of the Egyptian man is really true, the police say that the Egyptian citizen will be given full support to find and return this large amount of money.v

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