A Pakistani national was among the three foreigners detained in Madinah Munora.

Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Madinah is where authorities detained three people from other countries, one of them was from Pakistan. One of the three foreigners detained in Madinah Munawara is said to be a Pakistani woman who was engaged in prostitution in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque, as reported by the Saudi media. The other two suspects are also foreigners. were also arrested for embezzlement, and after an initial investigation of the embezzlers who had been apprehended, they were turned over to the department that deals with combating embezzlement.

In this regard, the Department of Public Security says that teams of the department continuously patrol the vicinity of the Prophet’s Mosque, so that action can be taken against professional assailants, and that there is a toll-free 911 number in the Makkah and Riyadh region to provide information regarding assailants. In addition, the Department of Public Security says that the Prophet’s Mosque is equipped with a surveillance system that monitors the area around the mosque. And the number to call in other parts of the nation, which is 999, for information about various careers is available.

In addition, according to a statement made on social media by the Saudi Public Security Agency, it has been disclosed that a large number of foreigners participating in prostitution have been detained in the country’s capital city of Riyadh. Among those arrested were citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh. were apprehended for panhandling under the guise of selling bottles, while a citizen of Bangladesh was detained for panhandling in front of many different establishments.

Those who make gadagri at traffic signals and other public places are professionals for whom one should feel no sympathy, as it has been stated in a statement that has been released by Dare, and it has been said that strict action will be taken against those who make fools of people by making gadagri a profession. Should not do so; rather, individuals who intend to make charitable contributions and donations should seek out the assistance of registered organisations.

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