2022 Scholarship for African American Female students Phenomenal

For the Phenomenal Woman Scholarship in the year 2022, applications are currently being accepted. Black women who are exceptional and who go above and beyond in order to accomplish their goals are eligible for the Phenomenal Woman Scholarship, which is specifically created to help them.

There is more to the Phenomenal Woman Scholarship than simply a financial assistance package. A sisterhood and a safe environment for those who wish to chat about any challenges they may be encountering during their college time are created by this organisation. Those who live their life with the conviction that giving up is never an option should be considered for the prize. Women who have a spark in their eyes and desire to be the best version of themselves on a daily basis should read this publication.

Scholarship Detail

For each of the autumn and spring semesters, the Phenomenal Woman programme will provide a $500 stipend to one scholarship recipient. Additionally, the initiative will offer monthly virtual sisterhood talks for women who do not have an emotional support system.


Women of colour who are already enrolled or plan to enrol in a historically black college or university are eligible to apply for this scholarship (historically black college or university). To be considered for graduate study, you would need to have graduated from a historically black college or university as an undergraduate student first.
The college has a financial criterion (for example, a negative balance on your institution’s financial statement); a minimum grade point average of 2.5 is necessary.

Fill out the application form

There is just one letter of recommendation in the file (family member, professor, mentor, supervisor, etc.)
Submit a financial statement from the institution that indicates the amount of your student account as verification of your enrollment (acceptance letter, class schedule, etc.).
Your high school or current college transcripts are necessary for this application. It’s conceivable that this is an unauthorised duplicate of the original.
For a chance to be considered, send in your “Phenomenal Woman This Is Me” video (Questions that should be answered in the video are in the application)

How to Apply

Apply online for Phenomenal Woman Scholarship 2022 for African American Female students Click Here

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