How To Register In Kuwait Mobile ID

Kuwait Mobile ID is a Digital Mobile iD In Your Mobile. What is civil id? Civil id used to identify or verify the identity of the individual when interacting with the government increasingly it is also used for regulated private industries such as mobile phone account.

There is no need to carry your civil ID everywhere. All the information and details of your Civil ID will be included in it. And you can change it whenever you want and you can change it. Like your company response. your full Name and address etc All detail available in Your Kuwait Mobile Civil ID

Mobile ID is currently available for all citizens and residence with smart civil ID over the age of 5 years. PACI will announce the procedure to issue MOBILE ID under the age of 5 years. The mobile id is not available for article 20 residency holders. Soon PACI announces the procedure to issue KUWAIT MOBILE ID for article 20 residency holders. Follow these steps to register Kuwait’s mobile civil id.

Procedure To Create Account In Kuwait Mobile ID

1. Install Kuwait mobile id from the play store and Registration Online very easy

2. Open the app and choose online registration using mobile.

3. Enter require personal data, civil number, card serial number or mobile id serial number, passport number for( non-Kuwaiti’s), Email, mobile number,

4. Confirm entered data

5. Click next

6. Paste your picture to use for identity verification.

7. Click on submit

8. One-time password will be sent on your mobile by SMS you entered.

9. Enter the password and click on proceed with collecting Mobile-ID.

10. Choose pin code.

11. Select confirm.

12. Your mobile id has been issued successfully.

When your account is fully created, you can take advantage of all the features. Whether you deal with government agencies or with organizations, you can get your work done by showing your Kuwait mobile ID. In addition, the name of your ID’s Expiry Date Sponsors is shown in the Company Details and Brother Full Details ID.

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