Why PS4 Controller Not Working In The Game

Playing a PS4 game usually means that you have to click on the game and then start playing. But sometimes using a PS4 controller doesn’t make things easier, especially if you use it to play Steam games. So sometimes, you may find that your PS4 controller works in the big picture but not in the game.

Gamers will know that Big Picture is a steam mode that allows you to easily play steam games on your TV using your game console. Be aware that this full-screen mode can also be used for computer viewing. So the question that may arise in your mind is why the PS4 console works not during the game but during the big picture?

Why PS4 Controller Not Working In The Game

Why PS4 Controller Not Working In The Game

There are a number of reasons why PS4 can’t work in a game, but it works in the big picture. The first is communication. Check if your PS4 console is connected properly and if it is working properly. Be aware that sometimes a loose connection can make it look like the console is working in one place and not another.

Also, check if the console itself is working properly on another system. If there is a problem with the connection or the console, fix it. But if not, the problem may be due to your console settings. Note that your console may not work because the game may have a default setting for something else, for example, Joyce Stick.

How To Make Your PS4 Controller Work In The Game

Here’s how you can make your PS4 console work in the game:

  1. Go to Game Settings and then select the Console option.
  2. Next, go to General Console Setup Options. You will see a new window appear where you will use the console you are using.
  3. After doing so, load the game, then your console should work perfectly. Note that you may have to do this in each game.
  4. If the default setting of the console is PS4, but still, if you find that the console is not working, here are some other solutions that you can try
  5. Restart the system Sometimes, restarting the entire system can help get things back on track. That way, you can easily play the game again.
  6. Controller mapping Some players reported that console mapping helped them reuse their controllers in the game.

In general, this should resolve the issue if you change the game settings to enable the PS4 controller. But if not, try resetting the console or restarting the system. However, if they do not work, you should contact the Steam Games Customer Helpline. They will tell you the correct solution to the problem so you can play again.

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