Verify Employment Contract In Qatar

If you are a Filipino worker abroad in Qatar, you may ask why you need to check your employment contract. Well, it has many benefits. First, you must be OFW accredited and automatically become an OWWA member. Ratification of the agreement is also required for an OEC. In addition, if you are already a member of the Overseas Philippine Labor Office (POLO) Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), your name is already on the Overseas Philippine Workers List. When problems arise, they will see that you are an Overseas Filipino Worker Registered and that you provide the necessary assistance.

Procedure for appointment for verification

It is very easy to get an appointment to check your employment contract. You can do it online.

  1.  search Google for a Polo OWA meeting, or visit the Polo Doha website.
  2. On the site, click Services and then make an online booking. Then fill out the online application form. Select “Confirm Agreement” under Resources, and “Confirm Agreement” under Services. Then type your full name, phone number, email and ID (optional).
  3.  Under the form, there is a calendar. Choose the best time to go to OWWA Polo. If the slot is green, that means the time period is still available. If the color is red, it has already been taken. When you select a box, it turns yellow, and appointment details are indicated below. fill captcha and then click Submit.
  4. After clicking submit, you will be referred to a document that acknowledges your reservation and sets out agreement confirmation requirements.

Before you go into polo, you will need to submit the following requirements, depending on what you are doing abroad.

For Household Service Workers (HSWs), you need:

  1. Original employment agreement with all pages signed by the employer
  2.  Two copies of employer ID card (front and back),
  3. Worker ID card (front and back),
  4. A copy of the worker’s passport (valid for at least 6 months from the time you leave the Philippines).
  5. You also need personal accident and life insurance from an insurance company in Qatar
    A copy of the Qatari health card.
  6. Original Certificate of Employment (COE) is signed by the employer or sponsor.

Now an additional requirement if you are not registered with POEA, have a tourist, work, or family visitor visa, have a corporate work visa but have changed to a domestic worker visa, or have moved to another employer But still in Qatar. If you fall into one of these categories, you also need to add to the second list of requirements, an affidavit or affidavit explaining the circumstances of changing visa status or changing employer Will be.

If you are a Skilled professional or employee of a company:

  1. Original employment contract through the Ministry of Employment (with the exception of government employees),
  2. 2 copies of worker ID card
  3. Two copies of worker’s passport (with the same authenticity which has HSW requirements),
  4. Current Employment Certificate (if you do not have it, you can provide your correct company ID or current payroll) with company stamp by sponsor / employer

If you are not registered with POEA, have a tourist, business or family visitor visa, or have worked in a country other than the Philippines, you need to add another requirement which is a statement or An affidavit describes your circumstances. This is determined by your current employer. If you have a POEA record and will return to the same employer but they will assign you to another country. For this you will need a letter from your employer explaining the situation.

Go to the polo office
Polo’s office is located on the first floor, Al Jazeera Tower, Convention Center Street, Doha. Wait your turn and then pay QR40 for the contract confirmation fee. All you need to know about employment contract ratification is on the Polo Doha website. You have to follow the steps carefully, and once successful, you will have all the benefits of being a Registered Overseas Filipino Worker.

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