Sorry This Video Can not Be Played While Your Device is Connected To This External Monitor” Error Message Show Up fix error

Have you ever tried to stream video/music from a site and received a message saying: “Sorry, this video cannot be played while your device is connected to this external display?” If you have, it will confuse you.

Why won’t your monitor or TV screenplay video? Basically when the device fully displays videos and other images? Know that I will answer these questions here. I will also tell you how to watch these videos again.

Why do we see the error message above and what is solution?

Sorry This Video Can not Be Played While Your Device is Connected To This External Monitor” Error Message Show Up fix error

If you receive this specific error message, the content you are trying to view should be saved via HDCP. As such, video or content can only be viewed on authorized devices that support HDCP. This means that the current device showing the error message does not support HDCP.

Now, I know you may be confused about HDCP and what it means. So I will explain in full detail below what this term means.

What is HDCP?

HDCP stands for High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This is a form of digital copy protection. Note that this was designed to eliminate duplication and duplication of digital video and audio content. Know that it works while the digital signal is transmitted to more than one connection.

So this system scans all the devices in the whole device which allows you to view the content. Yes, that includes monitors and cables. Now, if your system is not compliant with HDCP, you may notice the following errors that I mentioned in the introductory paragraph.

  1. An error will appear in the video player.
  2. The device will only play audio or video.
  3. Video or audio will not play.

Numerous users have emailed responsible companies to the sites responsible for the video playback issues. Companies advise everyone to use an HDCP-licensed device.

But not everyone can afford a new TV or monitor. Below, I’ll show you how you can avoid error messages and watch the video you like.

How To Stop the HDCP Error Message And View The Blocked Content

The worst thing about this HDCP protection system is the lack of compliance with an HDCP that avoids error messages without purchasing a new HDCP support device. But I don’t think people should buy completely new TVs or upgrade to an audio and video receiver that works great for watching some HDCP blocked content.

This seems like a huge waste of money for me. So I will tell you a way to avoid this problem. Know that you can avoid the problem of using an HDMI splitter that can ignore HDCP requests. Yes, that’s the only way to stop the error-causing error message and view the content behind the HDCP wall.

Know that you do not have to buy expensive dividers. A $ 20 splitter will also work. However, I suggest you do a little research on your HDC compliance status. This is because I have found that there is no consistency in the divisions, even if they are from the same company.

So read the manufacturer’s details and check the splitter reviews before buying. Know that HDMI splitter is also easy to use. All you have to do is place it between the monitor and the output device. For example, if you want to connect a Chromecast device, you’ll need to plug it directly into your old monitor.

But instead, properly connect the Chromecast to the input of the HDMI splitter. Also, a little tip from me: If your AV receiver doesn’t work with your old HD TV, connect all your HDMI devices directly to the receiver. Next, place the HDMI splitter properly between the monitor and the receiver.

If you want to know if your HDMI cable works with HDCP, check out its status on Also, you should check the packaging that comes with it. It should guide you in your HDCP compliance status.

So a simple HDMI splitter will help you avoid error messages on non-HDCP compliant devices. Also, you will know that this is a much cheaper solution than buying a full screen because only one error message appears. First, however, you need to check the condition of the splitter before you buy it and make sure it is actually HDCP licensed.

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