Snack Video Salary Sheet in Pakistan

Today in this article we show you a Snack video salary sheet with complete detail. Guys Snak video is a great platform to earn more money. if you have any talent join snack video as a creator as a family and earn money here is a salary sheet of snack videos in Pakistan.

Snack Video Salary Sheet in Pakistan

Note: In The Invitation Code Option if you Put This Code 921 247 702  you will Earn 3000 To 5000 Rupees. If You Put Anybody Code You Will Receive just 140 Rupees. Because This Code is for Orignal Snack Video Creators Bind this Code and earn 3000 to 5000 easily.

Invitation Code: 921 247 702

Snack Video Salary Sheet in Pakistan

If you are a good creator and want to join the video snack for pay. Then check the registration form and join any snack family to get the monthly salary check out the pay sheet below, based on the number of followers on your other apps

Number of FollowersFixed Salary Snack Video
1K – 5K Followers$30 Dollar
5K – 50K Followers$50 Dollar
50K – 100K Followers$80 Dollar
100K – 300K Followers$100 Dollar
300K – 500K Followers$130 Dollar
500K – 1M Followers$150 Dollar
1M – 2M Followers$200 Dollar
2M – 3M Followers$300 Dollar
3M – 5M Followers$500 Dollar
5M+ FollowersDesired Dollar

Apply to join any family or register yourself as a creator by filling out the form. Only original content creators will be accepted for this salary. So, this is a great opportunity to make some extra money.

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