Should I Overclock My Monitor Advantage and Disadvantage

You may have heard that people overclock their CPU and GPU. But have you ever heard of people overclocking their monitors? Of course, you, that’s why you’re asking yourself – should I overclock my monitor? Now, this is a smart question to ask because overclocking means you will be asked to move your monitor to a higher level than it can handle.

What are the benefits of overclocking the monitor?

Should I Overclock My Monitor Advantage and Disadvantage

Many people hear that overclocking their monitor gives them better results, so they move on with it. But many of them are not clear on what the consequences will be. So let me talk about the benefits that you should get when you overclock.

Note that overclocking the screen will improve its refresh rate and thus make your viewing experience more smooth. Know that refresh rate means that one image is refreshed every second. Now, 60 Hz often does the job well.

But if you have a very powerful graphics card, you can get the best frame rate from it. However, a mismatch between the GPU’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate (for example, 120fps + 60Hz) can cause the screen to tear.

This results in a very unpleasant viewing experience. So to avoid this annoying experience, many people increase the refresh rate as much as possible to the frame rate of their GPU. As you can imagine, in general, players increase the speed of their screens as it improves the gaming experience.

Disadvantages of overclocking your monitor screen

As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, overclocking means that you will force your system to perform beyond its normal range. Therefore, there are some dangers in going to this area. Let me discuss them below:

The warranty is void

One of the major risks of overclocking your monitor is that its warranty may be void. This is because you are the one who is deliberately pushing your system beyond its capacity. That way, most warranties will not cover it.

So you should check the warranty of your screen before starting this work. If it is explicitly stated that it will not cover overclocking, you run your own risk of damage to the hardware.

Low-level monitors can’t handle it.

Be aware that in general, overclocking on a high-end gaming monitor does no harm. Most gaming monitors come with an overclocking feature. So if you want to overclock your monitor for gaming, go for them and buy that monitor.

I strongly advise you not to overclock the standard monitor as it may damage the internal components. Be aware that many people have reported that overclocking their screen has permanently blackened the screen or that some apps are not loading on the screen at all.

Reduced Lifespan/ Short life

Note that even with an advanced gaming monitor, there is a risk of overclocking. This shortens the life of the device. This is because an increase in the refresh rate means that it will draw more current. As a result, the power supply of the power supply unit will increase. This will produce more heat which can damage your components over time.

Should you overclock your Monitor screen?

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of overclocking your monitor. So now it’s up to you whether overclocking is worth it or not. However, I would advise you to give it up if you are not a hardcore gamer or have a low-quality screen.

Note that if you want to overclock, keep your entire system in a cool place and monitor your temperature and voltage levels. Remember that your goal should be to keep your system as cool as possible during overclocking.

Also, if you’re going to overclock your monitor, here’s an additional tip from me: Slow down your monitor slowly. Increase 1 Hz at a time and then check if the system can handle it. Once you’ve reached the point where your system crashes, lower some of that. This will prevent the screen from deteriorating too quickly.

The screen over cloaking feature provides a better gaming experience. But you should not do this unless you have a monitor that can handle the pressure. Otherwise, you may end up with a bad screen and nothing more.

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