SBI Cif Number Find In One Minute

CIF Number Mean Customer Information file Banks Issue a CIF Number to its Clients in Which digitally saved customer data. it’s a very valuable Number for banks and clients because the Consumer All record save in digital format. When anyone goes to the bank To take any transaction or services The bank asks for the CIF number. So that all the records and Transactions of the customers can be shown and they can solve all the issues in a good way.

Therefore SBI State Bank of India Also Issues a CIF number to its customer with the help of easily Check Customer detail and Its Account Type its loans, balances, and previous All history In a Single Click. Because the State bank of India provides a lot of services to its Customers Individuals, Householders, Small and large corporations Loan, and other services for maintaining a Record issue a CIF Number.

The central bank of India is a Mission that provides better and Fastest services In India to its users. The central bank of India’s popularity is growing across India. Banks provide each of their customers with a file containing the CIF number. With this number, the bank can find out all the information of the bank account holders in a single click and track it easily.

What is the Cif Number In SBI?

CIF is an 11 digit Number Central bank of India issue to Its Clients in Which Digitally Customer’ personal and bank Transaction data saved. With The help Of CIF Number Banks Easily and Fast Find all the Records of Consumers related to Banks. Basically, Customer Information File in which CIF Number saved. You can easily find Your CIF Number Offline and Online In Simple steps.

The account holders can view all their Account information and transactions with the help of their CIF number on their Mobile/PC at home. Central Banks of India Sell Different product and Services On the Behalf Of CIF Number its Very Important For Banks and Clients.

How To Find CIF Number of SBI Central Bank of India?

In India, a huge problem To find out the CIF Number In SBI Account. we provide you correct and Simple methods to Know Your Number. There are many ways to find out the CIF number, some online and some offline, In this article, We Cover the Topic To find CIF Number SBI through Internet banking, through SBI Account Statement, get Sbi CIF number By Yono Lite Mobile Application, find if Number SBI checkbook/passbook, get Cif Number Of SBI through SMS, and Cif Number of SBI Through Account/Branches. And Other All useful information related to your central bank Of India

How To Find CIF Number Online Through SBI Internet Banking?

Check SBI CIF Number from SBI Internet banking Online is very easy. If you follow this Online method you have an Internet Connection and your SBI Account By login Into Internet Banking with a Simple procedure you can easily find your Number in Yout Mobile. Sbi CIF number online search just two Method first one is by net banking and Other Through Yono lite Mobile Application

Even after knowing the complete procedure, many people cannot find out their CIF number online. They make a small mistake somewhere. Follow our procedure to find out step by step from your mobile and read everything carefully.

SBI Cif Number

First Go to the Official website Online SBI Click here

sbi cif number

From the homepage In personal Banking Click On Login

If You have No Any Account Click On New User Registration

sbi cif number


In the Next window Click On Continue To login

Enter Your Username, Password and Fill the Captcha Code and Press login Button

sbi cif number

After Successfully login Account from Main Menu chose My Account& Profile and then Click Account Summary

Click On view Nomination and PAN detail

sbi cif number


In the new Window, You will be Able To See Your SBI CIF Number. Your Account Number will also be displayed.


cif number


Once you know your CIF number, You may want to use it for other purposes as well. This message will show if you enter the wrong number somewhere. Invalid CIF Number kindly Enter the valid Number which was Given By the branch. the Number is the same if you get it from Any branch or Online source or from pass Book.

How To get SBI CIF Number by SMS?

If You want to Know Your Central Bank of India CIF Number By SMS You can request For e-statement by SMS on your Mobile. This method is Very sufficient For people who cannot access SBI Internet banking facilities. All you have to do is have the mobile number registered in the SBI account.

Just send a request for Your e-statement By mobile Number Through SMS. The statement you receive will be in PDF format. When you have received the e-statement file on the mobile number in SMS, click on it and see your CIF Number.

sbi cif number


If You Have Not yet registered for this facility fill the form from SBI to Receive an Email every Month of e-statement just submit your email and get every month’s e-statement In just 50 rupees for every year Will be deducted.

How To Find CIF Number SBI without Passbook


Find CIF Number SBI without Passbook. One of The Best and easy methods to Know CIF Numbers by Mobile App. SBI Introduced a Mobile App for His Users for better services. Now, In India, Most users use this Method to check Numbers in a few minutes. here is a method to find Number By Yono Lite App online.

Most people have this question How Do to know the CIF Number of SBI without net banking and passbook? I think this is a great alternative way for them to find out the number. Here is a procedure

CIF Number SBI

First Download Yono Lite app from Play Store

login To Your SBI Anywhere Yono Lite Account

Too many tabs will appear Click On Services from The Homepage

Now chose Online Nomination

Choose Account Type and Account Number

In the end, your CIF Number Will appear

sbi cif number

Find CIF Number From the Pass Book/Check Book?

The Other easiest way to Know the Number offline from Passbook. In Pass Book, All your personal information printed related to your Account No need to Go Any Branches or use any online net banking and Other services. If you have a passbook somewhere, you can easily find it in the Passbook, as we have shown in the pictures.

sbi cif number


Banks cannot print Your CIF Number On the checkbook. there is No way to find it. Another great method we share with you Please take a look.

How To find CIF Number in SBI Using Account Number?

The CIF Number Can be found out from the account number. For this, you have to go to the Neatest SBI bank branch and request a Number giving an Account Number. There is no way for you to find out your CIF number online or offline through your account number.

Also, they have lost their passbook. They don’t even use online net banking services. If you want to know Your CIF you can go to any SBI branch with the KYC documents. You requested a letter from this branch manager to issue me a new passbook.

How to Know CIF Number By Branches/Helpline?

Here is an SBI toll-Free helpline Number 1800112211 or18004253800. The bank representative will ask you for some personal information. All the information you have given such as your full name, your account number, date of birth, and also they are on call will tell you your SBI number.

What is CIF Number In ATM Card?

CIF Number Can be Find By ATM Card But Cannot Print On ATM card. If you Know Your Number with ATM Card First You need To Download a Mobile application. Then the number can be found by following the simple method.

First Download SBI Buddy merchant App from Play store

Chose the English Language From the top corner

Click On Sign Up Option chose ATM card press Continue Button

Enter Your SBI card Number & Expiry date & Account Holder name and Enter Your 4 Digit ATM Card Pin& fill Captcha Code and Press Proceed button.

In The Next Page, Your CIF Number and Account will be displayed

What is CIF Number In Banking Full Form?

CIF Mean Customer Information file is a digital & virtual file in which Account Holder All types of Information Like Personal and banking information. includes a CIF number The bank issues a different CIF number to each of its customers. With the help of this number, the name of the bank account holder gets complete information of the account’s transaction loan and KYC All detail Knows. If you have more than one account in the same bank, you will be issued only one CIF number And all the records will be in it. some banks have 4 digit CIF Numbers and Some are 8 digit.10 digits, and 11 digits. If you forget a CIF number, the number can be retrieved both online and offline.

Why I Cannot have Two Account In SBI? Merger Of Account in One CIF Number?

If you have more than one account in SBI, this can be a big problem for you and for a bank. It takes a lot of time to fix a small mistake and other things that can’t be done timely. Banks and you will not be able to understand your own account and there is a chance that the feature There may be problems.

What I Do if TWO Account in One Bank

if want to change or update the Aadhaar number, Pan card number, or mobile number in the SBI account? You may face many problems with this. Because every bank account is opened through an Adhar card. Also included in the RBI guidelines is that you cannot open two accounts in one bank with the Same Customer ID.

Basically, the Banks system catch Your Account Information with mobile Number, PAN Number, Adhar card (UID) Voter ID card, and Passport Number

If you have accounts in two different branches in the same bank, Whenever you go to the bank to make a transaction, the error will come to the manager on the computer screen. And the bank will tell you to drive the Account smoothly. And the bank will tell you to drive a camel smoothly Merging These Account in one Customer ID.

The State Bank of India says that your customer ID should be one. You can do this by opening any number of accounts, but you will have only one customer ID so that we can understand your account. To be easy and to avoid all kinds of fraud.

How to Merge Two Cif Number In SBI Online?

You can view all the Transaction records and information related to the SBI Bank account on your mobile but you cannot change it even A Small Mistake. State Banks OF India Control All types Of Your Account and Transaction.

  • Mixing the two accounts together The bank itself will open two SBI Account under One CIF Number. This will make it easier for the bank to find your account and know all the records related to it
  • Also if you have two accounts in separate branches that You do not use, it is better that you cancel them and avoid all kinds of mistakes and fraud.
  • The second way is to Merge Your Any Account Into 2nd Account with One Customer ID. Both accounts running smoothly.
  • When someone makes a change to a bank account. Bank Free updates your account and makes any changes you need. Can change the mobile number to receive SMS, You can also Update your PAN card, or Merge Two Mobile Number
  • For this, you have to go to the bank and the documents that the bank asks you to give the information that you want to make any change Bank Online at the time you will have all the changes.

How To get the CIF Number of the Central Bank Of India?

To get Cif Number Central banks Of India many online and Offline ways To find In simple ways. CIF Number Can be Find Through SBI Internet banking Online, Yoyo Mobile Application, through SMS, From Pass Book and Account Number by Visiting an SBI Branches. One Of The Best methods without a passbook and Net banking Find CIF Number By SBI Anywhere Yono Lite Mobile Application.

How to Know My CIF Number?

The CIF Number Is a Unique Number In which Digitally Stores Your personal and Bank Account Information. CIF Number cannot be printed On an ATM card or In Cheque Book. CIF Number Can be Find Some offline Ways like Your Pass Book, bank branches and From helpline Number. Online Methods from SBI net banking website and SBI Anywhere Yono Like Mobile App.

SBI CIF Number How Many Digit?

Cif Number Is Your personal Unique Number Received From Banks. SBI CIF Number Consists of 11 digits Numbers can be Find Online and Offline sources. Every Bank issue a different CIF Number that Consists of Different Digits. Some banks. Some Of the Bank’s CIF number consists of 4 digits, 8 digits, 10 digits, and etc. But the CIF Number of SBI is eleven digits.

SBI Cif Number kya Hota hai?

SBI CIF Apka personal Number Hota ha. jo bank apko dati ha, Jesmy Apka Information Digital save hota ha. Bank apka Cif Number computer ma Dal kr Apky Account ky Mutaliq All Information pta Lga lati ha.jis sy Bank ko bhi time bhut km Lgta ha Aur woh apka Account Bht jldi Dundh lati ha aur jisy Apka aur bank ka time bi save ho jata ha.

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