Saudi Iqama Fine Check Online

To Saudi Iqama Fine Check On Mobile/PC with Absher & without Absher very easy. Either Know Traffic violation Fine or Iqama Expiry fine. It’s a Routine In Saudi Arabia Somewhere, There are cameras on the roads Even a small mistake can be Fine. Cameras on the road catch the number plate.

Now the question is that how do we Know All types of Fine Under Any Iqama Number. The method we are going to tell you is that you’re fine. And find out by entering the Iqama number of any of your friends.

Check Saudi Iqama Fine With NCB

Must have a bank account while living in Saudi Arabia in NCB Bank. Fines can now be checked by visiting the official website or downloading their mobile app. Today in this article we are going to use the “ALAHLI” & “NCB” mobile application for knowing fine. Alahli Bank the 2nd name is NCB.

1. First Download The “NCB” App Click here

2. “LOGIN” Your Account. If not already create first

3. Enter “VERIFICATION CODE”, Received on Your Mobile phone

4. Click On “MY TRAFFIC”

5. Enter “IQMA NO” Press “REQUEST” Button

6. All Type of “FINE WILL SHOW”

Now here the message shows No Violations found for Customer Mean There is no Fine On this Iqama Number.

We Enter another iqama Number to check fine. the result is 300 Traffic violation fine Pay to government, and Current balance o.oo Mean Deposit your Account.

Check Iqama Fine Without Absher Using MOI

Moi is an Online service website also checks the Two types of fine here “Traffic fine” and “Iqama Expiry Fine” the process is really simple to know these Fines from your mobile. as well as by putting a friend iqama number and get a result. so here is a process to know bout Saudi fines.

1. First Visit the Website Of “MOI” ( Ministry Of Interior)

2. Enter Your “IQAMA NO”

3. Fill The “CAPTCHA CODE”


4.“ELECTRONIC ENQUIRIES” Result will be shown

In this article, I have tried to explain in two ways how you can check Fine on your mobile. if you have a Bank Account in Any Bank, you can download the app to find out your record. other than that Go to the MOI website Know fine online.

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