Saudi Arabia Quarantine clarification on multiple entry visa issued

People who have obtained the Corona vaccination dosage and have also been inoculated using the Tokalna and My Health apps can enter Saudi Arabia immediately.

The Saudi Arabian passport agency has released an explanation about multiple entry visa quarantine. According to Urdu News, on the Jawazat social media site, someone requested individuals who enter the nation on multi-entry visitor visas and have previously been vaccinated against the corona virus to return after they leave. Will they be kept apart?

And, in response to the citizen’s enquiry, he replied that all of these persons who had been vaccinated against corona during their stay in the nation, and whose health had been evaluated in response to “Tukalna” and “Sahti’s” demands, should kindly come to Saudi Arabia. Arabs, on the other hand, must disclose the results of the PCR test 72 hours before entering the nation.

Saudi officials also promised heavy fines for quarantine violations after establishing direct flights from Pakistan, according to a statement published by the Public Order Department. A fine of 200,000 riyals or up to two years in jail is imposed for violating the quarantine prohibition. The fee will be increased if there is a violation. If a foreigner commits the offence, he is deported and placed on a blacklist after completing another term.

It’s worth noting that Saudi Arabia abolished its travel restriction on Pakistan, allowing Pakistanis to visit the country without a visa. According to the Saudi administration, direct passenger flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia would now be available. Thousands of Saudi residency holders who had been unable to return to Saudi Arabia after landing in Pakistan some months ago were able to do so thanks to this decision.

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