Rohit Rowdy Bhati Social Media Influencer Dies in Car Crash

Today We Know Rohit Rowdy Bhati Social Media Influencer Dies in Car Crash. 25 year-old social media influencer Rohit Bhati died while his two pals were wounded when their racing automobile smashed into a tree in Greater Noida on Monday.

Bhati, nicknamed as ‘Rowdy’ Bhati on social media, was from Bulandshahr but was residing in Chi sector of Greater Noida. His movies and reels went viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, he amassed more than 900 thousand Instagram followers.

The incident reportedly occurred at 3 a.m. at the Chuhadpur underpass while Bhati and his pals were returning from a party. “Apparently the fast automobile failed to navigate a corner and struck a tree,” Anil Kumar, in-charge of the nearby Beta 2 police station stated.

Bhati, the driver, was killed instantly, while Manoj and Atish, both in their early twenties, are now being treated at hospitals in Greater Noida and Delhi, respectively.

According to investigators, Bhati was the one driving the fast Maruti Swift. The incident occurred at 3 a.m. when they were walking home from a party in the area of the Chuhadpur underpass. They said Bhati was originally from Bulandshahr but was now residing in the Chi area of Greater Noida. Bhati is a member of the Gujar community and has amassed a large following on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram thanks to the videos he has uploaded.

After hearing of Bhati’s passing, many of his admirers took to the internet to pay their respects by sharing reels and videos of his funeral services.

Rohit Bhati, better known by his online persona Rowdy Bhati, was killed in an automobile accident on Monday in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. On November 20th, Bhati, 25 years old, was murdered when the automobile he was riding in hit a tree.

According to reports, Bhati and his pals were driving home after a party when they got into an accident. The social media star perished at the scene, and his companions are in serious condition at a neighbouring hospital.

“At approximately 3 a.m., the incident reportedly occurred near the Chuhadpur underpass when the group was coming home after a party. The high-speed automobile apparently crashed into a tree as it could not complete a turn “Officer in charge at the Beta 2 police station, Anil Kumar, said to PTI.

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