How To Renew Passport In Philippine embassy In Qatar

The Process To Renew Passport In Philippine embassy In Qatar It’s very easy. we provide You All the necessary Information like About Renewal its requirements, and Much More Related to Your Passport In Qatar. Qatar now has a home for millions of foreign workers.

The population consists of 88% of immigrants. They must comply with certain Qatar visa and immigration laws. Here’s what you need to know about the issuance of a Philippine embassy passport and renewal.[Recommended: Check MOi Qatar ID Validity

How To Renew Passport In Philippine Embassy In Qatar?

You will need to go to the embassy yourself to have your password renewed. This process requires some documents which we will tell you in full detail. And after paying the fee, your passport can be easily renewed. The renewal fee for a Passport is 240 Qatari rials. It will be accompanied by some documents and copies which we will tell you below.

The Philippines is one of the largest groups in Qatar. The Qatari embassy of the Philippines states that Filipinos account for about 10 percent of Qatar’s population. That means about 1.8 million people. That makes them the second-largest Asian group in Qatar. Here is the Complete process of issuing a Philippine embassy passport and renewal. Check here Our New Articles About MOI Traffic Violation Fines and Payment Systems little Bit Change. Here is a New Way to Check MOI Traffic Violation fines

Requirements of Renewing Philippine Passport

  • You must reach the Philippine Embassy in Doha in person. You do not need an appointment to renew your passport. and Very Important point Make sure you have all the necessary documentation.
  • 1 copy of The passport
  • Those 18 years of age or younger should bring their official Legal Guardian. And The legal guardian will also need to bring a copy of his passport.
  • Wear appropriate and good cloth
  • Take the e-passport money

Philippine Embassy Passport Renewal Process

Renew Passport In Philippine embassy In Qatar

Make sure you arrive on time. You must first go to a passport processing office. The receptionist will proceed to Cashier, where you must pay QAR 240. After that, they will ask you for some information about you and take a picture of you. After that, go to the issuing section to find out the date of the issue of your passport. one of the interesting question How Long Does It Take to Renew a Philippine Passport to Qatar? the Answer is that The renewal process can take at least 20 working days to 45 days before the passport is issued. After that, Your passport was ready.

Now we try to tell you in full detail who can renew his passport even if his citizens and workers all renew the passport in one year or less. before traveling to another country, get your passport renewed. You will not face any problem later and it takes from one month to three months for the passport to be renewed.

Important Note While Going To renew Your passport

When you go to get your passport to renew, use safety measures like a mask and etc. If you don’t wear it properly, you won’t be allowed to come. Documents are needed now. You have all of them to renew your passport. You should have your own pen, tissue, and something to clean your hands. Come on and don’t talk to anyone. We’re wearing a dress that has your air in it. If you are a woman or a girl, don’t put lenses in my eyes and don’t use jewelry, you can talk to me.

What is Philippine Embassy Qatar Address And Timing

Address of office: Zone 68, Jelaiah Area Doha, State of Qatar.

official Website:

P. O. Box No. 24900, St. No. 860, Qatar

Contract Number: +974 4483 1585

Office Hours: Sunday to Thursday8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3.30 pm

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