How To Renew Emirates ID Online in UAE

If you are already living and working in the UAE, there is no doubt that you will be familiar with the identity of the UAE.

For those who are not, the UAE Identity Card is an identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). This is a legal requirement and should be carried by all citizens and residents of the UAE at all times.

Its main purpose for immigrants is to prove their identity when applying for government services, although they are also used as travel and immigration documents.

To apply for an Emirates ID card, you must either first go to an approved typing center or fill out an online form on the ICA website it’s very good for you. The process of renewing the identity of the UAE is slightly different.

In both cases, however, it is advisable to work with an immigration specialist such as the Business Inc. Zone (BIZ). We can arrange your order while ensuring a smooth process. You must have this document if you want to renew your identity

Documents are required for persons over 15 years of age in the UAE

  • Expired Emirates ID or a copy of ID
  • Your valid passport or copy
  • Expired residence

Documents required for persons under 15 years of age

  • father’s Emirates id card copy
  • your Valid passport
  • Your expired ID Card and copy
  • your Unified number
  • Original birth certificate
  • Personal photos of white background (4.5 * -3.5 cm)

How to Renew Emirates ID Online

The process is really easy to Renew emirates id online from the ICA website. Just follows these simple steps to renew your emirates id online.

Emirates id Renew Online from ICA website

1. Open your Android or PC browser and visit the ICA website. The first step is to register your account on the ICA website or log in with your old account. After logging in, you should go to the ID renewal options for this site. You can also access renewal options by clicking here.

2. When you click on the link above, the new Emirates ID Renewal page opens on the main screen.

3. Now fill in all the required field boxes required to renew the Emirates ID and then attach the required file such as old ID photos, passport photos, and all other required documents.

4. After completing and attaching all the required files, click on Submit option. This will take you to the payment options. Now pay the renewal fee and click on the final Done option

5.After that, the authority will renew your card as soon as it is renewed. This SMS will come to your registered phone number.

Emirates id Renewal from Typing Center in UAE

You can easily renew your UAE IDCard through the Typing Center. Follow the steps below to Renew you emirates id

1. With all the necessary documents, visit the Typing Center

2. Submit your documentation file where all required documents are located

3. Request renewal for printing center employee

4. He will submit your application and charge a fee

5. Pay the fee and get a copy of your application

6. When your ID is ready, submit it to the post office. Then at last Receive a confirmation message on your number

Emirates ID renewal process for Expats

Renew your Emirates ID when it expires. The maximum ID renewal occurs 30 days after the ID expires. If you do not renew your identity before 30 days, a penalty will apply. 20 dirhams per day is fine. The maximum fine is 1000 dirhams. So you have to take care of it and renew your identity in time. The process of renewing the UAE’s identity is fourfold.

The first thing to keep in mind when renewing your UAE ID card is the time limit. This is always 30 days after the expiration date. Any attempt to renew your Emirates ID card after this date and will result in a fine of AED 20 per day, up to a maximum of AED 1000, which will be included in your UAE ID renewal fee.

UAE residents can apply for a renewal of their UAE identity whenever their resident visa is renewed or re-issued. Finally, You should receive a confirmation SMS from ICA reminding you to apply for your new card. It will include details on how to renew – either in person at an approved printing center or through the ICA website.

The second option is to renew your UAE identity through BIZ. We can handle every step of the process, making sure the renewal is error-free without any effort on your part. All you have to do is give us your details and we will take care of the rest.
However, if you decide to process your renewal, be aware that in some cases you may need to visit service or medical center to update your important details.

Emirates ID Can be renew following ways ICA Government Official Website Service, FAIC website, Android smartphone app, Through the Typing centers In UAE.

The process of renewing the Emirates id of UAE is as follows

  1. Submit your renewal request
  2. Pay the required fee
  3. Update biometrics if needed
  4. Completion of residency procedures
  5. Submit your UAE ID card at the post office

It is also possible to send your UAE ID to your company address but this must be mentioned when applying for a renewal. You will receive an SMS from ICA as soon as your new identity becomes available.

Do you need to renew your UAE identity immediately? The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship also offers a fast-track service that significantly reduces processing time for UAE identity renewal. The service, known as Fury, only takes 24 hours and extra.

This service is only available to UAE citizens and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries when the UAE’s identity is renewed. From outside the Gulf Cooperation Council, UAE residents can take advantage of the Fast Track service only when replacing lost or stolen UAE identities.

Again, note that BIZ can take care of renewing your personal Emirates ID card to ensure that the process of your Emirates ID Card runs smoothly and your card is received on time.

Process for Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged Emirates ID card

If your UAE identity has been corrupted, misplaced or you believe it was stolen, you should contact the ICA immediately to request a replacement.

There are four easy steps in the process of obtaining an alternative

1.  Report an Incident: In the first place, you should contact your nearest Customer Happiness Center to report your damaged, lost, or stolen card. If your card is damaged, bring your old card with you. If it’s lost or stolen, you should ask for a copy of the ID to keep in the meantime.

2. Apply for a replacement: Next, you must apply for a replacement ID in person or through the ICA website or app.

3. Pay Fee: When applying to a typing center, the UAE ID card fee is 70 dirhams in addition to 300 dirhams and 40 dirhams if you apply online. Express replacement service costs 150 dirhams.

4. Get your replacement ID card: Once your ID is ready you will receive an SMS from ICA. Changes are usually issued within 24 hours.

Emirates ID renewal requirements

When you renew your UAE identity, you must have an existing ID card, passport, UAE Visa, and credit card details. You will also need to upload and submit multiple documents. These include:

  1. Front and back scan of your current ID
  2. Scan your passport details page
  3. Scan your UAE visa page
  4. Your passport photo was taken within the last 3 months (if you want to change your photo ID)

Emirates ID Renewal Cost and Fees, 2021

The UAE Identification Renewal fee for expenses is 100 valid dirhams per year – usually two or three years. If you wish to submit your Emirates ID Card application to the Typing Office instead of online, there will be an additional service fee of AED 70.

When you apply online for Your ID you will also have to pay a visa fee – 200 dirhams for two years and 300 dirhams for three years plus 40 dirhams online service fee. And for 24 hours fast track service, an additional 150 AED is required.

How to Get a New Emirates ID Card In UAE

To get UAE identity, you will first need to prepare the following documents.

For citizens of the United Arab Emirates

  1. United Arab Emirates Family Book
  2. Social Security Certificate
  3. Original passport
  4. Medical certificate for the elderly or special people
  5. Birth certificate for boys and girls under 15 years of age

For expenses in the UAE

  1. Passport
  2. Resident visa
  3. Birth certificate for boys and girls under 15 years of age

Once the required documents are ready, applicants can go ahead and fill out the electronic form at one of the approved typing centers or through the online form available on the FAF website. Upon submission of the electronic form, applicants will receive an SMS with information on when and where they can complete their registration. Please note that there is a fee associated with obtaining an ID.

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