How To Register in Tawakkalna App 2022

Now In Saudi Arabia Register In Tawakkalna App is Most Important. Without the Tawakkalna app, you Cannoyt By Any Thing From Any Store In KSA. In view of the situation in Corona, the Saudi government has made it necessary to register in order to further improve security measures and It has been declared mandatory to create an account in the Tawakkalna app.

You may be able to buy something from a small store, but you can’t buy anything from a large supermarket without registering in the Tawakkalna app. But as time goes on, it will become necessary to register in this App. Recommended: Download Tawakkalna App In Mobile 2021

Today In This article we Told You How to Register In Tawakkalna App with Your Iqama Number, National ID, or Mobile Number.

What is Tawakkalna App & Why Is Important?

Tawakkalana App is very Important for Every Individual In Saudi Arabia. If a person is infected with the coronavirus the details will be revealed. And this person will not be allowed to enter the shopping center. Instead of checking each person, let’s now check their Tawakkalna account to find out if that person has the Coronavirus or not.

Documents Required To Register In Tawakkalna App

Your Saudi Iqama Number

Your Date Of Birth

Mobile Number Registered In Absher Account

How To Register In Tawakkalna App?

Here is a Complete Procedure to Create an Account In Tawakkalna App. Before creating an account in this application you have to First Download the App from Playstore or From Here. And we explained in detail how to create your account with the complete details from Your Iqama Number.

Register In Tawakkalana App

  • First Download The Tawakkalna App By Click Here
  • Click On Sign Up Button For Creating Account
  • Enter Your Iqama Number and Date of Birth Accept Terms and Conditions and Press Next Button
  • Your mobile number is a register In Absher. A code will be received. Write that code here and Click Next
  • Chose Your Tawakkalna App Password and Press Next Button
  • Your Password Must Be Strong Include Symbol Numbers Lowercase and Uppercase Number For Example 1274@@%Shani
  • Your Exit Location will Appear Click In Save Button
  • Provide the rest of your information and click on the Done Button
  • Now Successfully Register In Tawakkalna app And Your QR Code Displayed If you are stopped in any market, you can shop by showing your account.

register In Tawakkalana app-min


How to Register In Tawakkalna App without Iqama Number?

We will show you how to register in the Tawakkalna application without Iqama. Sometimes it takes a long time to become an Iqama or it expires, so you can do it with Your Passport Number. Regester in Tawakkalna App with Passport Number is also easy. Here is a Real Method to Create an Account In Tawakkalana App.

  • First Download The Tawakkalna App By Click Here
  • Open In Your Mobile And Click On Sign Up Button
  • Chose 2nd Option To Create Account with Passport Number
  • Chose Passport Icon and Enter Your Passport Number Chose Nationality, Enter Date of Birth and Your Mobile Number
  • Follow The Instruction This is how your account will be created without residency

Tawakkalna App Forgot Password How to Recover?

If you too have created your account in the Tawakkalna application. And have forgotten its password. So don’t worry, we will show you a great way to recover your password in just a few minutes. Tawakkalna Account is Most Important for Buying or visit any store In KSA. It’s very Necessary for All Individuals who live in Saudi Arabia. Here is a Complete Guide to Recover Tawakkalna Forgot Password.

Tawakkalna App forgot password recover

  • First Open the Tawakkalna App from Your Mobile
  • Click On Forgot Password to Recover the Password
  • Enter your Iqama Number and Date of Birth Click On Next
  • Now a Verification Code will be received in Your Absher Registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the Code In Given Box Taklakkalna App and Press Next Button
  • Chose Your New Password Re-Enter again and Press Next Button
  • Now Successfully Your Tawakkalna Forgot Password Recover
  • Follow the Instruction to Access your Account

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