Redeem Your HDFC Bebit Card Reward Points in 2 minutes

The HDFC Reward Points System is a great way to earn some extra money by transacting online or offline. You can get 5% cashback if you use your HDFC Debit Card via Payzapp or Smart Shopping on Amazon.

If you are transacting with your HDFC debit card, you can get your accumulated reward points in cash. In this article, we will tell You How to check HDFC Debit Card Rewards Points and how to redeem HDFC Debit Card Rewards Points online in just 5 minutes.

HDFC Debit Card Rewards Requirements

  1. HDFC Customer ID or HDFC Banking Network User ID
  2. HDFC Banking Network Password Read how to reset HDFC password
  3. Registered mobile phone number. Read how to change mobile numbers in HDFC
  4. Mobile phone numbers must be enabled and be able to receive OTP

We will first learn the process of checking HDFC Debit Card Reward Points Balance

How to check HDFC Rewards Points Balance?

Redeem Your HDFC Bebit Card Reward Points


Read the correct steps to check HDFC Rewards Points Balance We told you each and everything about HDFC Rewards

  1. First Open the HDFC Net Banking website click Here
  2. Enter your Customer ID or User ID and click the Continue button
  3. On the new page, enter the password and confirm the password/image
  4. Once you are logged in to the control panel, click on the card option from the main menu
  5. Now, from the new page, under the Discount Cards section, click the Inquiry option
  6. Then under the Inquiry menu, click the Inquiry and Cashback option
  7. On the new page, select the account number from the drop-down list
  8. You can now show your reward points on the screen

How to redeem HDFC Debit Card Reward Points online?

Now you can easily redeem your HDFC Rewards Points Online By Following Methods. Here are the Procedures.

  1. Reward Points On the balance screen, enter the points you want to redeem.
  2. You can also see the equivalent amount you will receive. Once confirmed, click the Redeem button.
  3. You will now receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the one-time password received on your mobile phone number and click the Confirm button.
  4. do it! Your reward points are now redeemed, and cash will be credited to your account within 2 business days

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