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Qatar is a small desert country with heat and mild cold. There are four seasons, but due to the lack of rain here, there is no rainy season in Qatar. Qatar is a small and flat country. That is why there is not much difference in the climate across the country.

Due to Qatar’s precarious rainfall and soil salinity, the country relies heavily on oil and other resources rather than agriculture. If you are in Qatar, never expect rain in Qatar today.

Rain in Qatar Weather

Qatar has four summers, winter, autumn and spring. However, there are two main seasons in the country. December to February is the coldest season in Qatar. And April to October is the warmest month in the country. The weather stays warm for about 8 months of the year. Rain sometimes falls in the colder part of the year.

The country’s annual rainfall is less than 10 inches or 250 millimeters, according to official records. If we compare it with other cities, Mumbai gets average rainfall.2431 mm or 96 inches, London 558 mm or 22 inches New York 1268 mm or 50 companies.

Doha Rain

The average annual rainfall in the capital, Doha, is only 75 mm or 3 inches. Rain is rare in Qatar. Its average is 5.9 mm per month. In March, April and May, it rains frequently. From June to October, the weather is very dry and hot, with little chance of rain. When it rains, the rain is short, but sometimes it rains a lot. Qatar does not have a permanent river. But when it rains heavily, the dry river overflows and rarely causes flooding.

Qatar’s skies are clear, clear and slightly cloudy 93 time and mostly cloudy 7 ٪ time. For a part of the year, the sky remains relatively cloudy. The cloudy part begins in mid-March and ends in late September.

July 28 is a cloudy day of the year. The annual average of rainy days in Qatar is only 9 days.

Most of the rains in the country occur in the winter season. The amount of rain that falls in winter is only 100 mm or 4 inches per year. March and April are the spring seasons in the country. Now and then it rains in the spring. But it rarely rains in the summer months.

Questions and Answers

What is the best month in Qatar

January is the coldest month of Qatar, and the temperature is 14-15. Can go up to C.

How cold is it in Qatar

The lowest temperature recorded in 1967 was 4 ° C. January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 14°C (57°F) to 22°C (72°F)

Is it snowing in Qatar

There are one or two records of snowfall in Qatar in the mountainous region. But usually, it never comes. So you don’t have to worry about snowfall in Qatar.

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