Query Iqama expiry service Check 2021

Iqama is an identification card for expats in Saudi Arabia. Query Iqama expiry service to Know all detail About Your Iqama. If you are an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia, you should acknowledge how to check iqama expiry. Commonly, the Expiration date is not declared on the Iqama card, therefore you have to examine your Iqama expiry or Iqama status by yourself.[Recommended: Click here to check iqama Huroob in English

An iqama may be confirmed from one year to several years relying on numerous circumstances similar to the term of job contract, kafeel’s Nitaqat Color Status, etc. In any scenario, you ought to check the status of your Iqama by yourself so that you may recover at the best time.

Some people request for an Iqama expiry check red-green. You should apprehend that Iqama expiry is a distinctive thing, on the other hand, red-green color status is a completely distinctive thing.

How to Check Query Iqama expiry service?

Lately, the government of Saudi Arabia has improved the way of monitoring the iqama expiry.  Normally, we use “Query Iqama Expiry Service” to identify the expiry date of iqama. It was before accessible at the website of the Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI KSA) however now it has been transferred to the Absher website. Now, you can utilize the iqama expiry service just in Absher Portal.

Query Iqama expiry service

In the past, you were capable of creating an iqama expiry date without having an Absher account but now you require to have a certified and activated Absher account to check your iqama expiry. If you do not have your private Absher account, you can generate one Absher account free of charge within a few minutes, only Click to Generate Free Absher Account in 5 Minutes. Also, you can inquire with your companion or relative to check the status of your Iqama in his/her Absher account. True, it is approved, one Absher account can be used to create inquiries for expats.

Please note: Not just the iqama expiry service but also all additional iqama associated services have been transferred to the Absher portal. For example Traffic violations, exit re-entry visa service, Query iqama funds, and all extra iqama associated services

Video Guide Check query iqama expiry service

Query Iqama Expiry Service Check with Absher

Once you have enrolled and initiated your Absher account, you can go onward for monitoring the expiry date of your iqama. You can reach the Absher portal by the given two methods. We have explained here both ways to access Absher’s website to use Query Iqama Expiry Service.

Absher website

it can be reached by the browser of your tablet, smartphone, or laptop/PC. Click here

Absher app: It is a suggested process, you can download the Absher app on your smartphone device and can check all services associated with your iqama on the go. Click here to download Absher App

If You Are Outside from KSA

If you are monitoring your iqama expiry date and you are outside Saudi Arabia, you may not be capable of utilizing this assistance. In this situation, you should use a VPN that has Saudi Arabia’s server. You can download a VPN through the play store. You can use some proxy if you are a laptop user or a PC/computer user.

Check Iqama Expiry:

 Now the method will take you to the Query Iqama Expiry Service page that is a developed portal for immigrants to check their Iqama Expiry date. The rest of the process is identical to earlier systems. Now, you ought to support these steps to apply this service:

  1. Register Ten digits number of your Iqama that is provided on your Iqama Card and enters it in the provided area Marked with “Iqama number”
  2. Next, you enroll your iqama number, you will view a photo with a number at MOI’s website. Only insert that number in the provided area marked with “Enter Image Code”. This is a captcha code.
  3. Now tap on “View”

The system will display the closing date of your iqama in a few seconds.

The system will display that “Your Iqama is Valid till year/Month/Day/”. The date format is Hijri Calendar, you can change it Hijri calendar to Gregorian by utilizing the process provided below

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