Pakistanis wanting to visit Saudi Arabia now have a better option than Lahore

Seren Airlines has announced that it would begin operating two flights per week between Lahore and Jeddah. Following the fall of Islamabad, Pakistanis desiring to go to Saudi Arabia now have a better option from Lahore. Seren Airlines has announced that it would begin operating flights between Lahore and Jeddah. Additionally, travellers were permitted to bring up to 80 kilogrammes of baggage with them. Officials from Pakistan’s private airline Siren Air said on the social networking website Twitter that two flights per week would be conducted from Lahore to the Saudi Arabian coastal city of Jeddah, according to the latest information available.

These flights will begin operations on Sunday. These changes will take effect on December 5. When flying from Lahore to Jeddah with an economy class ticket, travellers may only bring up to 50 kg of baggage with them, however, those travelling on a Siren Plus ticket can bring up to 80 kg of luggage with them. This will be made possible.

It should be mentioned that Saudi Arabia has withdrawn the travel restriction placed on Pakistan, as a result of which Pakistanis are now permitted to visit the country directly, and direct passenger flights are now being run from Pakistan to the kingdom.

According to Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the decision has made it feasible for thousands of Saudi residency holders to return to their home country. Previously, they had been unable to return to Saudi Arabia after landing in Pakistan some months earlier. Those in authority in Saudi Arabia were also commended for their actions

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