Pakistanis living in Oman got a great facility to go to Saudi Arabia

Oman and Saudi Arabia now have a road and a border connecting them. People from both countries can cross the border by land. Pakistanis in Oman have the best chances to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia. The road connecting the Arabs to the border is now open. People from both countries can cross the border by land.

According to the Times of Oman, Oman and Saudi Arabia have opened a straight road called “empty quarters” as well as two borders. This road covers 725 km. Yes, and it starts at the intersection of Beta with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ends at the border with a length of 161 km.

It is claimed that the Empty Quarter Road is important in facilitating cooperation between the two countries in various industries, as it will improve the volume of trade, revive tourism, bring Omani goods to new markets, and will allow access. Saudi exports will have direct access to the rest of the world via the Arabian Sea and the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčOman.

In a statement to the Oman News Agency (ONA) and Oman Radio, Engineer Nasser bin Hamoud Al-Mabsli, Director-General of Ibri Industrial City in Madinah, said that the opening of the Empty Quarter Road between the Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia is an important step. Increases. . And perhaps most importantly,

He said that the proximity of Ibri Industrial City to Saudi Arabia is an investment for Saudi investors in the city, whether it is the movement of individuals or commercial movement.

Ibri Industrial City offers a number of incentives to attract investors, including a two-year rental discount and a business trip option to learn about the potential. It will be a full-service industrial city with rent reductions for the next three years.

According to Omani businessmen and their Saudi counterparts, the opening of the Empty Quarter Road will improve the volume of trade and investment exchange and encourage tourism between the two countries. According to Engineer Saeed bin Ali Al Yahya, Director of the Roads Department, the cross-section of the Khali neighborhood road consists of a road with a width of 3 meters and a width of 65 cm. It was developed in accordance with the technical standards allowed by before.

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