Overnight, the Pakistani man who lives in Bozhabi will become a billionaire.

A Pakistani who lives in Abu Dhabi become a billionaire in an astonishingly short period of time. A Pakistani called Shahid Mahmood had a fantasy about earning a large sum of money only a few days before. Shahid’s lottery for 15 million dirhams was announced a few days later. In an interview with the Gulf Times, Shahid On October 31, a Pakistani citizen by the name of Mahmood purchased ticket number 071808.

Overnight, the Pakistani man who lives in Bozhabi will become a billionaire.

In a dream a few days before purchasing the ticket, Shahid dreamed that he had won DH15 million and that he was speaking with (draw presenter) Richard, he said. “I was also practicing what I was going to say on stage if I was the winner,” Shahid said. And then I awoke from my slumber. It was 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning when I woke up.

That day, I requested my brother to purchase a ticket for me online, which was unusual since I typically purchased tickets after the 20th, but it’s possible that it was my destiny to win the prize and that it happened by accident. I urged my brother to purchase a ticket on the same day, and I was subsequently awarded the reward. In this regard, it should be mentioned that Shahid Mahmood has resided in the United Arab Emirates since March 2007. He claims to have been purchasing tickets for the last five or six years.

“We are two major partners in the purchase of tickets, and we have a few additional friends who help us raise money to get seats,” Shahid said. “Shahid Mehmood, 35, is a father of four who used to shop after the 20th of every month, but this time he waited until the last minute to buy anything. He was overjoyed when Richard contacted him to deliver a prize check to him “he said. Shahid said in an interview after receiving the prize that he was now watching Draw Live, which meant there was no end in sight.

During the draw, my heart was racing in my chest. Meanwhile, I was glued to the television to watch the T20 World Cup match between Afghanistan and India. It seems like I’m on top of the world right now since the vast majority of the ticket will go to Mahmoud and his roommate Ambassador Ahmed. Shahid Mehmood described his roommate as “not just my roommate, but also like my brother,” adding that the ambassador is “more than just my roommate.”

During his vacation, he traveled to Pakistan. He’ll be back in a little while. After that, we’ll figure out what to do with the prize money. We are all in need of financial assistance. We shall make our plans with fairness in mind.

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