Check RTA NOL Card Balance Inquiry online 2021

NOL Card Balance Inquiry check Online in Dubai very simple process. We Discuss Nol Card balance and its Types Nol Card is a Smart card a large number of people used In Dubai for paying RTA Transport modes With just a single tap. It’s very important in the UAE to forget many services. You can also use a NOl card for Dubai Metro, Buses, like water buses, and for RTA paid parking. Nol Card Balance Inquiry Check Is Very Important at Right Time Before traveling any Place In Dubai.

How many Types Of Nol Card In Dubai?

4 types of Nol cards used In Dubai for various services. each has different features.

Nol silver card: Nol silver card is the perfect e-purpose card loaded Upto AED 500. Easily get from any ticket office in 20 AED with 14 AED e-purse value and enjoy All Modes Public transport in Dubai. one of the best features of NOl Silver Card automatically calculate your favorite trip cost and automatically deduct from your e-purse.

Nol blue card: Nol blue card is perfect e-purpose card loaded Upto AED can Also use All type of Public transport In Nol card scheme.70 AED price includes 20 EAD e-purse value. Very secure if lost or stolen receive an SMS or email up to date. one of the best features of NOl blue Card automatically calculates your trip cost and automatically deduct from your e-purse.

Nol Golden Card: Nol Golden Card allows holders to travel in Luxury and Comfortable seat Dubai gives you the privileged of access a metro gold class seats for a premium fare on of the best features access to gold class metro seats and automatically calculates your trip cost and automatically deduct from your e-purse.

NOl red ticket: The Nol Read ticket card is a paper base ticket purchase in Just 2 AED from any ticket vending machine in Dubai. NOL red Ticket load up to 10 Single tips.use only on public transport a the time Dubai metro or Dubai bus. You cannot use both.

How to Buy NOl card In Dubai?

It’s very easy to purchase a New NOL Card In Dubai in Various ways. It’s very helpful for traveling in Dubai. in-depth we describe how to buy a new NOL card in Dubai. Here is a detail.

1. Buy an NOL card From ticket offices Dubai Metro station or Dubai Bus station

2. Also Purchase From TRA Customer care Centre

3. Another source to obtain an NOL card from RTA authorized sales agent

4. NOL silver card and Nol red card from ticket vending machine

How to Check RTA NOL Card Balance Inquiry online?

The process is the same either to check Dubai metro card balance or Dubai Bus card balance check with RTA website and another website. When you travel somewhere in Dubai in any mode of transport, your card automatically cuts the balance and you want to check about how much balance deduct and left. It’s very easy just you have a card Number to check what is Nol card Balance. here is a Nol card balance Inquiry check link

Nol Card balance Check Inquiry Bus, Metro

first, visit the website of rta. ae by click here

chose the English language from the top of the corner

From Homepage Click On check Nol card Balance

Enter your NOL card Number

Press search Button

NOL card All Balance detail will be shown

How to check NOL card balance in a mobile App?

There is a mobile application of RTA On the Play Store which can be used to get information about any service such as pay your fines, know about transport, license, and also services. You can do all from the RTA Mobile application by installing it in Mobile. After download, You can Also check NOL card balance inquiry from Mobile in a few minutes.

Steps to NOL card balance Check App

1. First Download RTA Application from Play Store or Click here

2. Install and open IN Your Mobile

3. Scroll Down In Public transport Option you will see check Nol balance option click on it

4. Enter your NOL Card ID number written on Your card

5. After that Click On View Balance

6. Your NOL Card Balance In Mobile will be shown

How to transfer the balance from one Nol card to another Nol card?

If your NOL Card Expire or any other reasons you want to transfer one NOL card balance to another nol card first you fill out a form by visiting a Customer care canter. Or Any nearest shops. From New, NOL card get a ticket for metro station and bus station and other services. For more information contact by this number NOL helpline number 8009090. Visit website

What is the minimum balance in the Nol card for the bus metro?

If you use any mode of transport in Dubai, you will need a Nol Card. So before traveling anywhere in Dubai, recharge your NOL card online from the RTA website and other services. In UAE Bus and Metro prices a different. The Maximum Balance is AED 1000 non Verified card and 5000 for defined for recharge. And The Minimum balance Limit for Bus or Metro oa Ay Other services is AED 7.5.

1. The Minimum balance 7.5 AED

2. The Maximum recharge Blue Non defined Nol card balance 1000 AED

3. The defined NOL Card Recharge Maximum 5000 AED

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