New PCR testing guideline imposed at Dubai International Airport

The screening of passengers coming from specific countries, including but not limited to: Pakistan, the Indian subcontinent and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Russia and Brazil, is necessary.

PCR testing has been implemented at Dubai International Airport as part of the ongoing effort to contain the spread of the Corona outbreak. Random PCR testing is now being conducted on passengers arriving on certain aircraft at Dubai International Airport. I’ll see what I can do. According to reports in the Emirati media, travellers from Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Russia, and Pakistan would be required to go through obligatory screening at Dubai International Airport.

New PCR testing guideline imposed at Dubai International Airport

It is necessary to present a negative Corona PCR test certificate. The Rapid PCR test result with QR code for the airport must also be submitted within six hours after departure for testing. The animal should be isolated for 10 days after the testing. If the PCR test yields a negative result, travellers will no longer be required to segregate themselves from other passengers.

Several passengers who arrived on aircraft that were not included on the screening list were subjected to further scrutiny, according to a representative for the Dubai Media Office. Due to the fact that Dubai Airport may perform random tests on the arrival of specific planes, travellers on certain flights must also have necessary ICA and GDRFA permission before to arrival; however, this does not apply to travellers who have other visas in the country.

Those who are eligible include those who have recently received a resident or employment visa, those who are on a short- or long-term visa, those who hold a ten-year UAE Golden Visa, those who hold an investor or partner visa, those who hold a visitor visa, and those who have obtained a visa on arrival. Make sure you don’t get injured.
Additionally, it has been established that travellers travelling from the United Kingdom were subjected to DXB testing upon their arrival. Corona must have had a negative PCR test certificate at least 72 hours before the event.

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