My 30% English is gone now Naseem Shah Funny

Today We Know During the press conference, a reporter from a foreign news organisation talked to Pacer in English. Naseem Shah smiled and spoke with conviction. When a Pakistani player is given the Man of the Match award or when they are questioned by English-speaking media, the topic of certain Pakistani players’ reportedly “poor” English is certain to come up. This is the case in both situations.

This is also starting to be stated about Pakistan’s Naseem Shah, a young fast bowler with a lot of potential. This, however, should not be the case since a player’s main task is not to learn more languages but rather to perform well on the field and improve his talents. However, you can’t ignore it forever, since monitoring it is now required if you want to compete on a global basis. If you don’t, you won’t be able to succeed.

The first match of the upcoming Test series between England and Pakistan is scheduled to take place on December 1, and the English Test team has already arrived in Pakistan. At the moment, the Rawalpindi Stadium is being used as a training facility by both sides.

At addition, the first test match will be played in Rawalpindi. On Tuesday, the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium played host to a press conference for the quick bowlers from both teams. James Anderson, a fast bowler from England, joined Mayanaz as Naseem Shah, his counterpart from Pakistan, faced questions from media. The press conference held by Naseem Shah started out with questions from Urdu-speaking journalists from the surrounding area, all of which he answered enthusiastically.

Naseem Shah flashed a smile and responded in an authoritative manner in response to a question posed to him in English by a reporter from a foreign publication at the same press conference. On the other hand, when the same reporter questioned Naseem Shah once more, he chuckled and said, “Brother, I have just 30% of English, which is gone now.” The gathered members of the press started laughing enthusiastically.

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