Check Moi Qatar Traffic Violation 2022

If you also have any charge in Qatar and you want to Know online Moi Qatar Traffic Violation Fines list. How much I have been charged and how can pay this. Today we are going to tell you the complete procedure of Check Traffic Violation from the official website of MOI. On the MOI site, you can easily see the details of all your fines and if you want to pay them you can pay with easy steps.[Recommended: Check MOI Qatar ID Validity

In Qatar, fine in has become a daily routine. Even if you are Break a Few rules of traffic, A fine will be imposed. If in any case, you are not able to pay the fine on time. Then the fine may be doubled and you will not be allowed to travel from one city to another nor will you be able to travel. That is why it is very important to check the traffic in Qatar and pay on time

How To Check Moi Qatar Traffic Violation?

Step 1: First Visit the official website of Moi Qatar by Click here

Step 2: Click On Moi services from Homepage, then Click On Inquiries Now  here Traffic Inquiries, the page will be displayed On Your Mobile/PC screen

Step 3: If you want to check Moi Qatar traffic Violation Click on a Traffic violation

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation

Step 4: Now Two type Of Option Show On-screen Chose Traffic Violation  and Traffic Reports Click On Traffic Violations

Step 5:In traffic violation Inquiry option lot of options show To check Your fines like with vehicle Number Plate, or Your ID number and or Company ID Number or Foreign vehicles. Chose anyone from List and type its value. Most of the Peron In Qatar use vehicle Number Option To check your Violation.

Step 6:Now Enter Your vehicles Number Plate and below types of Vehicles and Fill The captcha Code and Press Submit Button

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation

Step 7:On The Next window Traffic violation Time, deeply descriptions of Locations, points, and Amount of fines will be shown

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation


Step 8:You Can also take a Print for further uses or Paying a Fine

How To Pay Traffic Violation Fines Online In Qatar

How To Pay Online Moi Qatar Traffic Violation/Fine Payment?

Any charges for traffic violations in Qatar can now be paid online via any debit and credit card. For which the Qatari government has set up a website portal to Check and MOI Traffic Violation payment online and Know All Your traffic details. In which everyone can see all the information of their traffic fines and if they want to pay the finances, they can make an online payment through your card. If you are living in Qatar Then To Know Qatar RP Grace period Very Important for You. Check Here What is Qatar RP Grace Period

If in any case, Anyone will not pay the fines on time. The penalty will be doubled and in case he will not allow her to travel anywhere in Qatar. So it is very important to pay fines before Traveling any place In Qatar.

If you are wan to pay for Your Traffic Line by hand go to the Just go to the Traffic department either at Madinat Khalifa or Airport. And If you want to pay your Fines online By MOI website Here is Complete methods to pay you All type Of fines Online.

Qatar Traffic Violation fines Payment

Moi Qatar Traffic Violation payment


Step 1: First Visit the website of Moi Qatar Click here

Step 2: Click On Moi services then Click On Inquiries and Then Traffic Inquiries, the page will be displayed

Step 3: Click On traffic Violation

Step 4: Chose Anyone From List to Check And Pay traffic Fines online like by Number plate by ID or company ID etc.

Step 5: if you select By Number pate Enter vehicle Number plate and chose vehicle type fill Captcha code and Press the Inquiries Button below.

Step 6: Now your Traffic All fines Show if you want to pay your fines online by card click On settlement Of Violation

Step 7:After that Click On Traffic service/Violation

Step 8:Now here log in with Your Smart card

Step 9:Here Complete the payment Process and Press the pay Button. In the End, Your traffic violation fee will be paid.

How To Check Traffic Report Online On MOI?

To Check Traffic Violation and payment Fines online and much More. You can Also Check Traffic report Online On MOI Qatar website here is a Procedure

Step 1: First Visit the MOI Qatar website By Click here

Step 2: Click On Traffic report From List

Step 3: On The next window Select Report Type, Incident number years Plate number vehicle type, etc, and final click On the search

Step 4: Your Traffic report will b displayed On Your Mobil/Screen

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