Check Maktab Amal fees Online in ksa

MAKTAB AMAL mean MAKTAB stand for office AMAL mean labour .that make term labour office. When someone renews iqama he will pay Maktab Amal fees. Once you pay iqama renewal fees you cannot get back. sponsor create work permit payment number from his ministry labour office. create payment number it will be within in 15 days. if you are not paid permit fees it will automatically expire.

Fees regularly increase In 2020 fees is 800/month 9600 Saudi riyal per 2021 work permit fees is 1000/month. And continuous every year increase. Companies maintain Saudi law 50% Saudization level it will discount 100/month. Industrial companies have no Maktab Amal fees.

After paying Maktab Amal fee and check his status very important. If any problem occurs will solve in the given time. if a delay in the payment process iqama will be canceled or maybe you pay a heavy fine.

The Maktab Amal fee is deposited on the Sadad number. Check status also by sadad number or Iqama number.
The procedure to check Maktab amal fees paid or not is very simple. Follow these simple steps and know permit fees easily.

How to check Maktab Amal fees Without Absher?

One of the best ways to check online work permit fees is a MOL Website. Just Enter an Iqama Number result will be shown, Fees Paid or Not, or Date has Expired, etc. If You are In Saudi Arabia easily Access to open MOL website. If You are from Outside KSA or In Your Home Country Use Any VPN on the Saudi Arabia server. Otherwise the website Cannot open.

1. Open MOL Website Click here

2. Select the type of service.

3. Enter iqama number or Border number

4. Enter captcha code click on

5. From this screen you check payment status will be shown


if the options show تم سداد mean Your payment is done already made

if the options show منتھي الصلاحیة  means expired because non-payment

Three types of information will be shown.

  • Work permit levy is paid.
  • Work permit levy is due.
  • Work permit levy has expired

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