How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

To Check civil id status expiry date and validity is very important for every person in Kuwait. If you live in Kuwait, it is recommended that you check the status of the Kuwaiti Civil ID and turn it off. Why should you verify your civil identity status? Because this is your ID card in Kuwait.

Whenever you want to use certain public or private services in Kuwait, you are required to provide your valid civil identification, for example: If you want to open a bank account, you must provide one with other required documents. Provide valid civil ID.

Kuwaiti Civil Identity Card is also known as PACI Civil Number or Batka Al-Mamdaniya. Foreigners obtaining a residence visa in Kuwait are eligible to apply for a Kuwaiti Civil ID. Residence visas include work visas, dependent visas, spouse visas, investment/business visas, student visas, etc.

Whatever residency visa you have, you must apply for a Civil ID as soon as you enter Kuwait. Generally, you apply for civil identification within 30 days of your arrival in Kuwait.

How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

Civil id validity can be checked from official Kuwait website by Clicking Inquiring about civil id validity link by entering a serial number or barcode number. Here is a Complete way to check civil d validity.

To Check Civil ID Validity Before we Know what is Serial number in civil id. Serial Number is a 10 Digit Personal civil id Number Written on the Backside of Your Civil ID.

Steps to Check Civil id Validity

1. First Visit the website and click on Civil id

How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

2. From Given links click on Inquiring about Civil id validity

How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

3. Now Enter a 10 Digit Serial Number or Barcode Number and press query Button

4. Your Civil Validity Detail will show

Check civil id validity By Calling

If you do not wish to use the above procedure, you can use another method to Know the validity of your civil id. All you have to do is dial a number from your cell phone or landline. This number is “1889988”. This is PACI’s voice query system. Just call this number and follow the instructions that will be told to you your civil id validity by the automated voice system.

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