Join Snack Video Family as Creator And Make Money

In this article, I will tell you how to create a Snack Video family group. So that you can easily create a family group and how many members you can add so that you can join the top 10 and earn a lot of money. And what are Its requirements step by step and I will tell you full details. So Carefully Read All articles to learn all about snack videos as a creator as a family.

How many followers does he need to create a family group?

When you install Snack Video from Play Store, then you have to create an account in Snack Video. You can create an account by logging in with Facebook and mobile number and Google Gmail ID. Once you create an account, you are Require to upload at least 5 clips of video.

if you have no followers after that there is also an event where you get a family franchise so you have to fill out a form which is an order form you Submit it 5-7 days later you will receive an SMS or a message from the video snack team that your account has been created This does not mean that if you don’t have followers, you can create a family group if you don’t have any followers.

Things to keep in mind when creating a family group

Once you create a group you have to put a badge then you can put a picture or a logo then you have to choose the last name it can’t be duplicated for anyone because if you write the last If so, each has a different last name.

Name that is given to someone else You cannot create a group because the last name must be as unique as your Snack Video ID. then you will have to write more than 200 words in the family description you can write more

How many members can you add to a family group?

Note: In The Invitation Code Option if you Put This Code 921 247 702  you will Earn 3000 To 5000 Rupees. If You Put Anybody Code You Will Receive just 140 Rupees. Because This Code is for Orignal Snack Video Creators Bind this Code and earn 3000 to 5000 easily.

Invitation Code: 921 247 702

After creating a link to send a group invitation to WhatsApp on any video sharing app or social media platform, you can add up to 500 members to a group so that more people can join your group. Then join the group.

You should fall asleep to a creator who has more than a thousand followers and whose content is great, who is doing so well that the chances of getting it for the first time are high and you Will be first after That you can make money from it.

How To Create Snack Video Family and Earn Money

Join Snack Video Family as Creator And Make Money

First of all, open your snack video App profile, check if the option to create your family is shown, we are sharing with you an easy way to create a Snack family, just follow the steps to create a Family.

1. If the family creation option is not shown, tap on the settings icon

2. Now you have many options, just select Help Center and click on it

3. You can now click on the other questions

4. Now open a new page, you have shown how to create my family option, just click on it

5. Now you click on the unresolved option.

6. After clicking on comments / go to custom option

7. Now to write “I have a lot of audiences, I want to create a Snack family of my own, please give me the option to create a family” after clicking on the plus icon and uploading your profile screenshot and your email address Submit button after entering

8. Now after a few hours or 3 hours of Snack Video, I give you the option to create a family on your profile.

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