JazzCash Debit Card Order Online in 1 Minute

JazzCash is a digital payment that gives clients complete control over their finances from the comfort of their own homes. You may transfer money to every bank, pay your own bills, and do a lot more using JazzCash without any fuss. Not only that, but it also gives it’s mobile account subscribers with a customized Visa debit card that allows them to make purchases at retail outlets using their debit card.

JazzCash is a popular mobile wallet in Pakistan. MobiCash was its previous name. Mobilink Microfinance Bank partnered with MobiCash to create MobiCash in 2012. JazzCash has a 64 percent market share in mobile money transactions.

It lets users to send and receive money, pay utility bills, purchase movie tickets, donate, and do a variety of other things. It provides its customers with a PayPak Debit Card that may be used to make local purchases. JazzCash launched its Virtual and Debit Mastercards in September 2021.

Users of JazzCash can obtain a Debit PayPak or Mastercard that can be used on all domestic platforms. From the JazzCash app, you may choose your preferred Debit Card transaction limit. It lets you withdraw money from any of Pakistan’s 16000 ATMs. Every transaction will send you a free SMS alert.

How To JazzCash Debit Card Order Online Via JazzCash App

JazzCash Debit Card Order Online in 1 Minute

The JazzCash app now allows you to order a Debit Card. To order a Debit PayPak or Mastercard, simply follow the simple instructions below.

1. Log in to your JazzCash account by opening the app and logging in.

2. Select the JazzCash Debit Card from the Top Picks for You section.

3. Next, select Order a New Card from the drop-down menu.

4. You have the option of ordering either a PayPak or a Debit Mastercard. To order a card, simply click on it.

5. Select Order Now on the new screen. After that, select a delivery method from the drop-down menu.

6. Postal Delivery is the best option. Now, fill in your Home Address and click Review Order.

After that, double-check your order information and click Confirm Order if everything is okay. It will take around 15 days for your Debit Card to arrive at the address you provided.

How To JazzCash Debit Card Order Online Via JazzCash Website

On the JazzCash official website, https://www.jazzcash.com.pk/ go to the Visa Debit Card page

Click “order now” when you’ve opened it.

Click next after entering your mobile account number and CNIC number in the appropriate areas.

Check your entire name to see whether it matches your CNIC.

Choose your city and neighborhood, then provide your home address and a local landmark’s name. To go to the next stage, click “next.”

Check all of the information and then click “verify address and continue.” If you’re a Jazz client, just unlock your phone and enter your MPIN to use your JazzCash mobile account to pay the card cost.

Other network users check in to the JazzCash mobile app and confirm the payment by entering their MPIN.

Finally, confirm your debit card order and wait 15 days for your customized Visa debit card to arrive at your house.

You may acquire the card right now by visiting one of Mobilink Microfinance Bank’s designated branches. The addresses of all MMBL (Mobilink Microfinance Bank) branches are shown in the graphic below.

JazzCash Debit Card Charges

In Pakistan, JazzCash has over 10 million monthly active users. JazzCash’s popularity can be attributed to its low fees and exclusive deals. JazzCash charges its consumers 599 PKR for using a Debit PayPak or Mastercard. This is a one-time cost; you will not be charged an annual fee for the Debit Card. It has a 50,000 PKR daily cash withdrawal and shopping limit (no charges on shopping).

Jazz Cash Visa Debit card helpline

Please dial 4444 from your Jazz phone or 021-111-124-444 from any other phone to reach the JazzCash Helpline.

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