Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz, the leading digital communications company in Pakistan, offers data plans for literally everyone. From daily packages to location-based specials, the company offers exciting new data at affordable prices to all types of customer’s There are various daily jazz packages that can fulfill all your online needs like “Daily Mega Package” which provides users 1000MB for just Rs 1000 per day. 25 (incl. tax) Customers can subscribe to this daily bundle by dialing *117*4# on their mobile device or they can use the Jazz World app to activate this great offer.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

This package will not renew automatically, you will need to subscribe again after 24 hours. Daily jazz internet packages with free MB also includes social packages or social media packages. By the way, if you are looking specifically for social packages, scroll down to the end to find out more about them.

Well, here, you will learn how to subscribe to these great internet jazz deals, find out how much the recharge is and if there is a specific package on an hour basis or one night internet package, we include it here. Based on the needs of the customers, Jazz provides daily internet packages to its customers. This includes browsing, social packages (Facebook, WhatsApp), and YouTube.

Package Name VolumePriceDurationActivation CodeDeactivation CodeStatus Code
Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Bundle1024 MB Include Facebook WhatsApp, YouTube etcRS 1524 Hours*968#*968*4#*968*2#
Jazz Daily Super150 MB with 1440 On-Net Mints & 50 SMSRS 1724 Hours*212#NA*212*2#
Jazz Super Plus500 MB 500 On-Net Mints, 5 Off-Net Mints & 500 SMSRS 2824 Hours*558#NA*558#2#
Jazz Daily Mega1000 MBRS 2724 Hours*117*4#*117*4*4#
Karachi Daily Offer250 MB Unlimited Jazz Mints &1500 SMSRS 12Till 12:00 AM*400# *400*4#*400*2#
Sahiwal Super Data Offer5 GBRS 612 AM – 9 AM*557#Automatically Deactivated at 9 AM *557*2#
Daily GUJRANWALA Super Data Offer5 GBRS 612 AM – 9 AM*775#NA*775*2#
Daily WhatsApp & SMS Offer10 MB & 1800 SMSRS 7.224 Hours*334#*332*4#*334*2#
Jazz Sindh Super Data Daily Offer5 GBRS 811 PM – 9 AM*522#NA*522*2#
Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 1 GB RS 9 01 Hour *638#*638*4#*638*3#
Jazz Daily Day Bundle 20 MB 300 On-Net Mints & 300 SMS RS 14Same day Mid-Night *340#
KP Daily Offer250 MB Unlimited On-Net Mints & 1500 SMS RS 12Till Midnight *291#
Sindh Daily Offer 250 MB Unlimited On-Net Mints &1500 SMS RS 12Till Midnight *522#
South (Janoobi) Punjab Daily Offer 5 GB RS 811 PM – 9 AM *742#NA*742*2#
Daily Extreme 2 GB RS 1512 AM – 12 PM *757#

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