Jazz Call Packages 2021

Mobile package and package is needed by everyone in this fast paced world. Sometimes it is very difficult to gather information about the best suitable package plans. According to my experience bundle plan, it depends on the routine and usage of each user. First of all, you have to choose a website with the latest content like our website. We have compiled all the company’s package plans in one place with new package prices. Now visit your chosen website from time to time and update yourself with new projects that are relevant or suitable for you.

Jazz Call Packages 2021

Jazz Care offers its customers affordable package plans. Practicing jazz helps it gather a large number of users. Jazz offers daily, weekly and monthly calls, SMS and internet packages. The merchant mostly uses the jazz network to promote his product, which is possible with an affordable jazz package plan. Warid Telecom has been included in Al Jazeera and this is a great achievement of this company. You can see all the package plans in detail on our page. Stay in touch with us and we’ll keep you updated on new jazz technologies and package plans.

Jazz is a big name when it comes to telecom networks in Pakistan. This is due to the fact that Jazz has a strong marketing approach and offers some really interesting packages. From daily specials to weekly packages and monthly packages, Jazz is interested in its customers. Not only that.

Package NamePriceDetailsValiditySubscription
Jazz 3 Day BundleRs 36500 Free On-Net Minutes3 days*211#
Jazz 4G Sim OfferRs 0400 Free On-Net Minutes
4000 Free SMS
4 GB of Free Internet
7 Days*443*7#
Jazz Sim Lagao OfferRs 0.063000 Free On-Net Minutes valid for 6pm-10pm 3000 Free SMS 1.5 GB of Free Internet30 Days*551#

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