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Today We told you Jazz two Hour call Packages with code and price in full detail like subscription code unsubscribe check status etc. jazz has a two-hour call package. The 2022 code, *555# will get you the deal for just Rs 7.99. Call *320*2# if you want to see how your account is doing, or If you want to unsubscribe, you can call *320*4#.

Today, we’ll show you the jazz 2-hour call package. There are a lot of two-hour jazz call packages that you can buy. This post will show them all to you. If you want to sign up for the jazz two-hour call package, read the whole article and then decide. The jazz network is the largest and most important telecom network in Pakistan. This word is more relevant than “jazz.” Jazz has the best and the cheapest call packages, so you should use them. Package: jazz call for two hours.

Jazz call package: You’ve found the right place. Because here, you will be able to find the call package that best fits your needs. Is it possible to get the deal? You can put it on your SIM card. If you want to use Facebook, Jazz has 2 hours of free internet calls for people who want to. This package lets you use Facebook for two hours at a time without having to pay. Do not forget about the fact that you should use Facebook with this deal. There are a lot of people who want to make unlimited two-hour calls over the internet. We want to make sure you know this, too. Find out more about the Jazz 2 Hour Call Package 2022 Code and other things there.

If you call *430#, you can get Rs 390 worth of ‘Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes’ service for Rs 10,000 in minutes and 1000 MBs. You can also check the bundle status by calling *430*2#. If you want to get the promotion, dial *430# and put in the package number. As part of your Jazz subscription, you can use any of these features for free.

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package Code 2022

Keep in mind that Warid and Jazz have merged to become a single firm, and Jazz offers a Student Bundle to its customers that allows them to make calls for a total of two hours each day. Extra services like as SMS and unrestricted Facebook access are also available as extras. With the help of this app, you can stay in contact with your family and friends. For just Rs. 7.99, you can get started (approximately). For further information, call *555#. Prepaid consumers are the only ones who will be able to benefit from this promotion.

To take advantage of all of the deals for only Rs 7.99, dial *555#.
If you want to see how your account is doing, phone the code *320*2#. To unsubscribe, dial the code *320*4#. To get more information, dial the code *320*3#.

Jazz Friends Bundle 2 Hours Call Package Code 2022

Detailed information about this deal, including how to subscribe and unsubscribe, is provided in the table below.

Unlimited internet calls and Facebook data are included in the Jazz Student Call bundle ticket. The terms and conditions of this deal may be found in the next section.

Weekdays and weekends included (except from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) *3000# is the subscriber’s access code. *320*4# is the unsubscribe code. *320*4# is the phone number to call to unsubscribe from the service. The error code is *320*2#.

Specifications of the *3000# Jazz Package
Time period: 2 hours of unrestricted Facebook data use (Except 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
In order to sign up for the service, call *3000#.
*320*2# will tell you the answer to your question.
*320*4# is the cancellation code for your subscription.
There is a cost of seven rupees (plus tax)

Jazz 2 hour Call Package New Package 2022

In this subscription, you get unlimited on-net calls (Jazz, Warid) and two hours of free Facebook access for only Rs. 3 (plus tax)

Please dial *3000# to take advantage of this exclusive discount. After that, you’ll get an SMS with instructions on how to activate your offer. Details of the Offer: Unlimited time on the Internet and unlimited Facebook time are included. Only Rs.3 + VAT is required to take advantage of the deal for two hours. MBS> Dial *320*2# to get the meeting minutes.

All of the deals are available for only Rs 7.99 if you dial *3000#.
Dial the code *320*2# for a status check, and *320*4# for unsubscribe and *320*2# for information.
Jazz Unlimited free Mobilink minutes are included in this package’s validity period of two hours.
The Price is Only Rs.3+tax

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